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To those new to this discussion board

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It brings tears to my eyes each time a new person posts here, whether they be patient or caregiver.

I am glad that you have found this place of information, comfort and friendship among those who are also in the fight.

No question is silly or dumb.  Even if you think that it has probably been asked before, create a new thread and ask anyway.  Because our population is always changing there may be new information to be shared.  Your question and the answers you receive could well help someone else as well.

This is also a place to share your tears and fears, rants and raves.  We will understand.

I do welcome you, but I sure wish you didn't have the need to be here.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you for the welcoming words. I just posted my first post today. I look forward to the friends I make on this site.



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There seems to be a lot of new comers lately. As sad as this makes me, I am glad that people have found the site. As a caregiver, I do not know what I would do without it. There is no other safe place for me to "talk". I feel most comfortable here. Hope it helps others as much as it's helped me.


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Marie I was so happy when i saw this thread. Thank you for doing that.  Chels I have been thinking the same thing.....so so many newcomers all in a batch....I too am sad to welcome you all but glad you have found us.

A collective welcome to everyone new here....sometimes if we oldsters are not online for a wee while we will miss your start.  Marie is right......there are absolutely no silly questions and not much that is too embarrassing.....talking is so important for you at the beginning.....the fear and confusion and newness of it all can sometimes feel overwhelming....

all the very best......maggie

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I'm trying to make sure I comment on all the newcomers, but there have been many these last couple of days, may miss a few.  So welcome to all of you, and I hope we can be of help!

Ann Alexandria

PS Should I myself am a "newcomer" compared to Mags...2006...wow!

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I am a newbie to this site, glad I found it. Everyone is so welcoming and inclusive that I can't help but feel better just checking in and looking around. I appreciate all the helpful, good people here.  Donna

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I extend a big 'welcome' and glad you found us, but not happy that you had a reason to find us...


dx'ed 11/2004, stage III rectal.  After chemo, rads, and J-pouch resection, NED (No Evidence of Disease) for over 8 years!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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Welcome to all the new posters,

I am also sad to see you here.  But, like me, I hope you find this to be a welcome and helpful place to land.  

I like to try and read all the posts of new people and comment when i have words that may help.

Once again welcome!!


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Marie for saying what we all are thinking.  to the new ones: welcome to our family.



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I just posted for the first time today but I sure wish I didn't have to. I really could use some support right now my husband is just in denial and I am in a panic. 


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I, too, have just recently found this discussion board and find it very helpful.  My husband is in the middle of his treatment for Stage 2 colon cancer.  He is pretty miserable and I am finding it more and more difficult to keep it together.  He goes from one extreme mood to another and I just can't keep up.  It's like he's super sensitive to everything I say, do, or facial expression or sigh I make.  He screams, but I'm not allowed to react.  I ask him if he has something, he gets annoyed I'm reminding him and then, he forgets it and it's my fault.  I know it sucks going through treatment, but overall, he's got it pretty good compared to a lot of patients currently in treatment.  I work full time and he doesn't work at all.  I don't even get a break when I get to work because he is calling me to complain or tell me about some other thing that has gone wrong.  He's very stubborn and doesn't believe in any "alternative" treatments, even meditating or simple self-help techniques.  I keep reminding him that this treatment is hopefully to eliminate cancer forever since he is stage 2.  I understand about "chemo brain" and depression, but he's not one that will accept any help for it.  I would like to talk to the oncologist alone, but I don't see how that could happen without him knowing and being mad about it.  I come to this board to hear positive ideas and stories, it has helped me deal with all of us.  Thank you all!

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I too am glad you started this thread. It really saddens me that we need this thread . I try to greet all of the new members but sadly it has been hard to keep up with so many lately.

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Indeed....thanks for this post, Marie....

It certainly is a new influx in membership....everyone is comin' over the hills in waves...it seems we go in fits and starts every now and then here.  I'm glad that everybody has found a place here to land:)

I'm glad they found it early on in the journey...that certainly helps, especially for the newly diagnosed....when things are so new and traumatic.  It gives everyone the opportunity to uncork all of those feelings of uncertainty and insecurity that everyone carries with them in the beginning of the cancer walk.  

Welcome Everyone!



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Thank you for posting this.  Yes, it's terrible to be a member of such a group but everyone has been so supportive and I've made some new friends off of this website.  Hugs to you!

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i would comment  on this post.welcome to all newbies sorry you have to be here but this truly is a wonderful place for support.my mother found this site for me in 2008.her name is wolfen and she is a great supporter of this group.the topic i want to bring up is when i got on the board today i saw some old posts that had been brought up.for those of us that have been fighting this cancer battle for many years it really hurts to see those older posts brought back up as so many of our dear friends have passed on.we all will be glad to answer any questions or just be here for support so dont be afraid to ask,just please dont bring up  any old post.hope i didnt hurt anyones feelings for bringing this up.....Godbless....johnnybeggod

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Dear newbies, please keep in mind that you need to check the original posting date before you accidentally respond to old threads.

Thank you, and welcome to the Group!


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I'm also a bit older member here, and would like to welcome everyone! Like many said, no question is stupid, even if it was asked before. So feel free to ask, comment, and also to share happiness, and sadness. This is a family....it has became my family for sure. And many of you can tell how much I've complained in the past...I'm nothing but a big complain myself...So, welcome everyone!

Cathleen Mary
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Thank you for this thread. It is good to be reminded that what sometimes becomes routine is very overwhelming at the beginning. We are all on different parts of the same journey.  This forum is a gift and a wealth of info. Welcome to all the newbies. 

Cathleen Mary

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Nana b
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Welcome.  Sorry you had to be here.  Ditto on what everyone says.  Stay positive and keep looking ahead.    For care givers you shouldn't have to put him with verbal abuse.  Patients are scared as our life as we know it is gone.   But that isn't a reason to be mean. Hang in there!  Stay strong. 

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Up to top again...

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Love you and yes agree this site is a gods send. So newbies do not
be afraid to post here you are amongst family

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