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Think I have ovarian cancer

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I'm 62, had symtoms of ovarian cancer for 6 months, been to see my Dr but he dismissed it as age related, well now I'm so sick my tummys bloated, feeling full, sick, pain in pelvic area and in my legs and back.  After reading online about the symtoms of ovarian cancer I asked my Dr for tests, I've had blood tests going for a CT scan tomorrow. I get the feeling my Dr thinks I'm over reacting. Am I right in wanting the test done or could my Dr be right in saying I'm over reacting. 

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Do not let this go...not age related. Often woman are misdiagnosed and by then it could be in lafter stages. Also ask for Ct scan and blood work called Ca-125.Keep us posted please,praying it is NOT cancer.....Val 

 You are not over reacting..glad you are having a scan and bood work


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You are on the right path, CA125 blood test and CT scan are the best way to get correct diagnosis or rule out ovarian cancer. Too many of us with vague gastro-intestinal symptoms have been given run around for months only to find ourselves diagnosed with late stage metastatic ovarian cancer when it already spread.

Like Val, I don't think that you are over reacting. Just don't get ahead of yourself and assume that you have ovarian cancer. It is rather rare and your symptoms could be attributed to a number of benign conditions.

Please come back and update us on how your tests turn out. Best of luck to you!

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Like the other ladies said - don't let this go.  Better to be diligent and rule out a cancer diagnosis than to go along "assuming" that is not.  CA125 blood test, sonogram and/or a CT scan should get you a long way towards learning what is and is not going on.  

Hang in there!  Regardless of the outcome - not knowing what is going on really is the absolute worst!


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Echoing the other wise women who have responded, please follow through with testing. If only I had had a clue that I was dealing with Ovarian Cancer, I might have been able to start treatment sooner and even maybe have been diagnosed at an earlier stage. After months of GI testing, I was finally given the TVU and CA125.  You are being proactive and should feel good about this!

All the best and let us know what happens,


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I too don't think you are overreacting.  You are being smart in following up on your symptoms.  Frankly, I don't understand what your doctor means by saying that your symptoms are "age-related".  That doesn't make sense to me.  I'm hopeful that you do not have ovarian cancer but the only way to rule it out is through extensive testing, such as you are having done.  Please let us know the outcome of your tests.


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I'm with the others -- don't let this go until you get more answers! The tests described should be definitive, as far as I know. Just to give you the benefit of my experience -- I had abdominal symptoms that sounded similar to yours. First my primary care doc had me tested for gall bladder disease. When that turned out negative, he sent me to a gastroenterologist who, among other things, said, "Eat more fiber." Weeks passed, nothing helped, and I became so ill while traveling that on a weekend I went to an urgent care center. I could tell from the way people there urged me to follow up at home that things were not great, so I called my doc to tell him that if he didn't arrange more screening, I was going straight to a hospital emergency room from the airport when I got home. He made the necessary arrangements and on my way home called to say, "Cancer, maybe." Devastating to hear, but at least I finally got a diagnosis, began treatment, am responding well and am hoping for the best.

Good luck to you! I hope you'll get only good news.

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