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I have a question about 3 Tesla (3T) MRI Scan

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When I asked the person who schedules the docotr's surgeries and such at my Urologist's Office to schedule me for a Tesla MRI at OHSU she asked me what I wanted scanned.  I was taken back a bit and said Uhh, my prostate.

Should I be asking for the entire abdomen, bones......???.  For those of you who have had this done, what parts of your anatomy did you have scanned?

Your help would sure be appreciated.



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Responding to this thread and last nights CSN request.

Not being a clinician, (just a retired guy on the internet), I believe that  the MRI evaluates the prostate and close surrounding area for suspicious lesions. I do not know exactly what is targeted. The total body is not targeted, especially in your case of low volume, low aggressive cancer that is most likely indolent, not likely to spread.

I think that your doctor needs to set up the MRI, not you. 

If you want to know exactly what parts of the body (how much of the lymph nodes, etc.) the MRI evaluates and how the test is done, call the radialogist, the doctor who is in charge, and who will evalute the results of the MRI.



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In my experience (patient) the prostate 3T scan was done with an endorectal coil and imaged areas outside the prostate. You should opt for a 3T with Spectroscopy if available. That will provide more diagnostic info to a skilled Radiologist....I'm not an MD.

Best of luck,


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