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I've just been told I have a cancerous tumor or mass found during a colonoscopy.  I've been waiting to hear about the biopsies.  Longest four days of my life. I'm 57 and lost about 80 pounds this past 18 months.  I'm scared and need support.  Thanks


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    greetings suszq

    sorry to hear your news... but you've come to a very good place.

    there are many good people here and lots of support and many good ideas to be shared.

    Keep you're head up, don't be affraid to ask lots of questions, and take many notes.

    When do you get the results of the tumor?  Why is it taking four days?

    Did they do blood work?  Ask about your Hemaglobin and the CEA blood tests. 

    Get copies of all those tests and also take notes.

    again... keep your head up and keep it together.

    welcome to CSN. (i wish i didn't have to say that...but hopefully the news isn't as bad as the fear.)

    my best



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    Hi Suzie

    On the one hand I am sad to have another new face join our community, but on the other for your sake I am glad that you found us, because you will definitely find a lot of support. My mom is also 57 years old, and she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in February. The information resources and emotional support I've received from the other people here have been absolutely invaluable - reading a lot of the stories here gives me hope, and gives my mom hope too, when I read them to her. Knowledge is empowering, and you will find more than you can imagine here. When you get all of your test results back, feel free to share whatever you're comfortable with here, and I can guarantee you will get a wealth of responses decoding the confusing stuff, informing you of all the possibilities (that doctors don't always share, because they err on the conservative side) and options, and for sure, open hearts to listen and sympathize, and to try to be there for you as much as we can to help make things easier. I really hope that your tests will show yours to be a mild case, but I can reassure you, having been by mom's side for much of the past 3 and a half months, the human body can take a lot, and staying positive and determined can go a long way towards helping recover your health.

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    Read some of our stories.  It can be a bumppy ride, but it is doable. I'm going on 3 years NED(no evidence of disease) Don't be afraid!!! Take it a day at a time.   GOOD LUCK

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    Welcome. You have come to the

    Welcome. You have come to the right place for support. Have you had a CT scan yet. Hopefully it didnt spread and this will just be a 6 month hiccup in your life.

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    Welcome.  This site gives

    Welcome.  This site gives tremendous support from people who have been there either as a patient or as a family member or friend.  My name is Karen and I was diagnosed  during the blizzard of 2010.  I had surgery and went through chemotherapy for 6 months.  I rang the victory bell at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore on November 4, 2010.  Now I feel as if I have 2 birthdays.  Just remember that no question is a silly one.  We are all here to help you as others have helped us.  Have a blessed day.