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Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers and greatgrandmothers.

Have a wonderful day.

Huge hugs


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Hi Lisha,

  Thank you, and "Happy Mother's Day" to you too! I had a wonderful weekend and feel very blessed. We had Lizzies 2 year old birthday party yesterday and combined Mothers Day with it since we were all together at the same time. Today everyone is going in different directions to mothers on their signifcant others side, so I'm glad we got it all done yesterday. I hope you had a great day and hopefully feeling a bit better. You leave for Florida pretty soon don't you? Hope your trip goes well and you can get home and rest. Much love...Sue


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Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all the moms here had a wonderful day with there loved ones! Especially you two ladies; Lisha & Sue ((((Hugs to All))))



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Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mother's out there!


You all are so much more appreciated than you ever will truly know.

Wishing you all the absolute best.


Kyle & Michelle

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Belated "Happy Mother's Day" everyone!  I hope everyone had a good time.


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