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Ampullary cance

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Hi all winners and real  Heros!

 I would like to communicate with someone who survived from Ampullary Cancer. The reason is I am the only son living very far from my mom and she is suffering from the cancer.  We came to know about this cancer last week and the cancer is in really earlier stange( one and half month old and 0.2 mm by size)  She is going under surgery by next week. According to doctors, she is goona be 100% fine and will be recoverd very nicely but, still i would like to talk to someone who had benn through..


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I hope your mother had 100% success!  They cannot tell you beforehand if the surgery will be successful because they don't know until they get in and see.  Also, if there are positive lymph nodes or not.  There is a great chance she will be fine!

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