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angry Wife

losT husband
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New to this. Had my mother pass from Pancreatic cancer in 2000, but was not there for the whole ordeal. Now my wife was diagnosed with rectal cancer 4 weeks ago. She has become seclusive, mean, angry, and talks to me like a dog. I love her, and will be here for her. I have read other post that let me know that I am not the only one wearing these caregiver shoes. I have read from others about counceling through the oncologist, and will look into that next week when we go back in. Thank you all for your information, and will be looking for more. Be strong, and keep your chis up, our patients, be it spouse, child, or parent need us.

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I'm glad you found your way here, to the boards we really didn't want to be on. I'm also glad you are finding some common threads. It is always good to know we are not alone. Come here whenever you need support or just want to vent. Take care, Fay

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