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Dates and feeling thankful

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Double Whammy
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Today marks 3 years since my breast surgery and I am donig very very well.  I was stage 1b, Grade 2, ER/PR+, HER2 negative.  Did lumpectomy, hysterectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and currently on Tamoxifen.   These next few months have many dates that are amazingly now 3 years ago.  Took me 2 years to stop worrying practically constantly.  Always will to some extent, but it's just better - much better.  

  I have "known" some of you that long, have seen others finish treatment and disappear - hopefully doing well.  I've also seen some of you develop mets and face all that that brings.  I've cried over the loss of some on this site who lost their battles.

What a difference 3 years makes.  I feel blessed to have crossed paths with each and every one of you, even though for the most part it's been a cyberpath.  Some of you I have met personally.  I've changed a lot in these past 3 years and I thnk it's for the better.   I stick around here because I care deeply for all of you and because I hope my experience and things I've learned will help the newly diagnosed and to lend support to my old friends here.  You all helped me so much.

In 4 weeks I start up again what I call my "flurry of reminders that I really did have cancer" - breast exam, gyn exam, mammogram, lab work, and finally medical oncologist.  Five appointments in about 3 weeks, and hopefully I'll be good to go for another 6 months after.  I've purposely grouped these appointments because I deal with follow ups for 2 cancers and I'd just as soon fret all at once. 

Life is good and I'm so thankful.


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I am so happy you are where you are at and pray everyday that no one else sees mets or loses the battle. You are so positive and it is like a smile coming through when you post.
Hoping that these next 3 weeks, then on to 20 years pass without any sign of this ugly beast.
Hugs, Carol

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Dear Suzanne,

May all your appointments go smoothly and may the results show that there is no evidence of disease.

I always look forward to reading your posts.   I do believe that those who had cancer still play an important part on the discussion board.  

It is important to newbies to see that many are treated and go on to have a life that is cancer free.  We all know that it can change in a blink of an eye.  Their experience and wisdom garnered during their time with treatments are needed to be shared with those who just joined.  It is good to know that many are part of that 70% club.

I use to put all my appointments together also, to be done with them for a year or 6 months.

Best Wishes,


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Hope all goes well Suzanne:)  You are always so supportive to everyone and I always appreciate how you are there for me!



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What a lovely post.  Hurray for three years! xoxoxo Lynn

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May you have continued good health and many many years of happiness ahead!!!

I was two years from diagnosis this past March. This September will be 2 years from my last chemo treatment. I had triple negative BC stage 2A grade C and opted for a bilateral mastectomy. Chemo is the treatment AC/T (dose dense) no rads and no tamoxifin after since I was not hormone positive.

I am thankful everyday just like you are. I knew what you meant when you wrote you thought about BC constantly....

Stay strong and stay in touch on here!!!

God Bless!




Lynn Smith
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Happy for you on your  3 year survival. In Aug it will be 4 years for me.On my 3rd year I didn't feel  positive but now my 4th year I feel better.Seemed I'm always having a scare..

Stage 0, non invasive DCIS, no chemo or radiation Tumor 1/2 centimeter. BUT I've had 1 benign tumor found with my lumpectomy,1 benign tumor found 3 weeks later with my check margin surgery and one tumor found with a mammo(This one I still have and its checked every mammo).No changes with it.

We all wait for that 5 year survival.I hear people say After 5 years and clear mammos through the years you're on the road to recovery.I HOPE so.

Best of LUCK to you for your  mammo in 6 month. Wishing you the Best

I know what you mean about worrying about our Sisters/Brothers,Those who are still fighting are strong and seem to be kicking it.Then we have those we lost and like you I cry too.

Lynn Smith

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We all wait for that 5 year survival.I hear people say After 5 years and clear mammos through the years you're on the road to recovery.I HOPE so.

Dear Lynn,

Just so you know that many cancers do have a 5 years and your in the clear.  Breast cancer isn't one that has a 5 year clearance mark.  Cypress Cynthia had her cancer return after 23 years.  Some women have had their cancer return after 30 years of NED.  That is the one bad thing about breast cancer and why it keeps a person hostages most of their life.  

However, 70% never have a recurrence and that is the hope to hang your hat on.  Your cancer was early stage and there is no reason why you should not count yourself being in that 70% club.

I am not stating this to depress you but I do believe every woman who had breast cancer should always be vigilant and aware about signs.  If you have back (or bone) pain to check it out after 2 weeks, more than likely it's some other cause.  A dry cough develops, see your doctor after a couple of weeks.  Pain on your right side, could be 100 other things but have it checked out.  After I had 2 rib lesions, Arimidex kept me NED for 8 years then a ct scan with widespread pulmonary, pleural metastasis with pleural effusion.  

Some women do find a recurrence in their breast but not a whole lot.  Usually it is residue from a lumpectomy.  Sometimes it is a new cancer.  When the recurrence is in the breast it is not stage IV.

Most recurrence are found in the bones, lungs, liver and other organs.  Mammo's won't find it.   Mammograms are not a perfect tool, some tumors are not detected with it.


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Thank You Suzanne, for sharing. It is sisters like you that give hope to us new pink sisters/brothers.  You give us hope that we too can concur cancer... God Bless us all!   Kathy



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Thank you Suzanne.

You often express the exact thing I am feeling.  Thank you so much for your posts and I wish you a lifetime of NED!



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