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Home :-)

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My wbc jumped from 0.8 yesterday to 2.9 today!  My 48 hr cultures are negative so far. 

Feeling a little stronger and finally beginning to move,  but very weak.  My mouth is a crying shame : terrible thrush and too many mouth ulcers to count. Oncologist said I really need to work on it. I am doing the baking soda /salt rinses and using magic mouthwash.  Also on diflucan. If anyone has any suggestions that helped them, please let me know. 

But enough whining... I truly am so grateful to be home and getting better. Love you all and Happy Mother's Day!! 


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Wonderful CC.  Happy Mother's Day to you and I do hope you take it really easy tomorrow.  No work at all.

Glad your home.



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So glad you're home:) Happy mothers day!!!!!  Besides  the soda/salt rinse I used ACT alcohol free mouth wash, it helped me, I brushed, flossed and used the ACT every time I ate anything.  I always got thrush for the first 7 to 10 days after every round, it sucks!


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and Happy Mothers Day. I did the biotene mouthwash and salt water rinces with the sores. Never got thrush. Hopefully these se will get better. I wonder sometimes why the se are are as bad as the disease.

Hugs and prayers,

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I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this, Eileen.  Sending hugs, love, and prayers to you, dear sister.


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Welcome home!  Happy to hear your progress.  Linda 

New Flower
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I got script for Magic wash myself yesterday 

happy Mother's Day to you and all of my ssisters hugs 

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sorry I missed this post, CC. I have been busy with projects and haven't been on in a few days. I am glad you are home. I hope your Mothers Day is extra special this year!

I pray those mouthsores go away~ I get sores when I am ultra stressed about something. I started taking L-Lysine 500mg and it keeps them at bay. It helps your immune system.


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I will be praying that your mouth problem clears up quickly and that you will feel better soon.


Happy Mothers Day!!



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Hi Cynthia,  

I am really happy to hear that you are home now and feeling somewhat better.  I hope it just goes up from here for you.

I had mouth sores when I was undergoing chemo and used the magic mouthwash.  My dentist also recommended Biotene mouthwash.  It doesn't have alcohol and keeps your mouth moist and cool for a while (or at least it did for me).  You may want to give it a try.  It is not prescription, you can find it with all the other mouthwashes in the pharmacy.

Take it easy and feel better,


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Happy Mother's Day!.... Glad you can celebrate it at home...

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Happy Mothers Day, CC.  Glad you are feeling better, but sorry for the SEs.  They are no fun. I wish I had a magic potion for them. xoxoxo Lynn

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My onc gave me peridex, I had thrush every treatment and used nystatin.  I have never heard of anyone here using peridex but it really helped me. I had fevers on taxol, lasting 6 days until the day before the next treatment, than after about 4 treatments they went away. Hoping you stay out of the hospital, and your body stops objecting to the treatment!

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So glad to hear your home and getting better. All my prayers always,

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