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Sad news from my son.

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Both of my sons are Type 1 diabetics.  Some of you may remember that my firstborn needed a kidney which I was approved to donate 4 years after my stage 1 diagnosis. Everything went great and I have been happy for the first time in years.  My younger son who is also diabetic but has no complications yet was married last Oct. He just found out he is sterile.  Nothing to do with diabetis.  They said he is just unlucky.  Like childhood diabetes is not unlucky enough..  I have been devestated for 3 days.  Not because I am attached to the genetics because I would be happy to see this diabetic chain end but because of how sad my son is.  I am really tired of bad news.  It is so hard to see my children continue to suffer.  When I was first diagnosed, people questioned why I wasn't crying and more visably upset.  With 2 diabetic sons and one on dialysis, it was not the worst thing that ever happened to me.  My biggest fear has always been that I would outlive my sons.  Please pray for Andrew.  I told him that love not genetics make a parent.  Hopefully they will find another way to make it happen.



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Dear Roseann,


I am very sorry for your son, his wife, you and your family.  No parent wants to watch their children suffer.  Once the adjustment is made and it will be in due time.  The young couple might find a lonely child to give their love and share their home with.  I know many who have adopted children and the happiness is the same.  You are so correct it take love to be a parent.


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My heart goes out to you, and your son's.  Andrew will be in my prayers as well.  I am delighted that you, and your son are striving in health after the kidney transplant - I recall how you fought tooth and nail to get that to happen!!!  My hat is of to you in your perseverance to make that happen.  Adoption for Andrew and his wife will also happen.

Strength, Courage and Hope as well as prayers,

Vicki Sam



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Reaching my arms through this screen to give you the biggest hug!  Praying for Andrew.  Adoption is a wonderful thing.



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I am so sorry and will be praying for your entire family.

Lynne P
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We always hurt for our children. I will add Andrew to my prayer list.

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Aww I'm sorry, Roseann, about your son. I cant say i know firsthand but I have a few close friends who have struggled with infertility and I know how upsetting and disappointing it can be :( 

Just wanted to send you ((hugs)) and more ((hugs)). I dont get on here much anymore but when i read your post i just wanted to reach out & hug you <3



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