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Throat Pain Returns?

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4 1/2 months post radiation and was feeling fine- normal diet, eating drinking, etc... Out of the blue, throat pain returns just like the post rad period-significant and cannot eat.  Pet scan 4 weeks aga was NED. Had to do a lot of talking this past week for work. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Had some spicy food too which may have triggered something. I am calling ENT on Monday but was wonderinf if others had experienced this.

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could be the triggers....and there's always our old friend (NOT)...thrush.  I kept getting thrush back for 3 or 4 months after I finished treatment.  I couldn't figure out exactly what would bring that beast back, except possibly stress and fatigue (workng graveyard leaves me drained to this day)....

Never hurts to get a little look-see by the ENT, tho.....mostly to ease your mind.


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See white patches on back of throat- pretty painful. Thanks!

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I also had thrush a few times after treatment ended. Honestly, I hope they find that's what it is for you because it's so nerve wracking to not know what the heck it is. I'm sure it's nothing dangerous as you just had your NED results but annoying still. Maybe it is something spicy you ate or something easy like that so don't stress about it.
Keep us posted.

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D Lewis
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Throat pain will come back again and again. My doctor told me to anticipate having a 'sore' throat most of the time, from here on out.  His statement has saved me from a lot of unnecessary fretting.


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If you are like me you might have nerve pain from the radiation treatment. If I talk too much the nerve right under my Jaw on the left side will takes a spasm, in my case I had radiation twice so my tongue will also go numb and I can’t talk at all. You might need to see a Neurologist and ask him about using Lyica to see if it will help.



Wishing you the best





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Good idea to see the ENT, until we’ve spent some time with the “new throat” we don’t know what to expect.  My new normal is similar to my old normal, but different.  Too spicy, too much talking, it all just puts a strain on things.

Good luck figuring it out


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