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Mindfulness cancer treatment therapy

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I came across this article on psychological treatments for cancer that I thought would be of interest to the forum. This is the sort of thing that everyone here probably already realized and didn't need a study or article to reveal to them. Quite frankly, this kind of advice would work for anyone under a lot of stress, and if I had the time or capacity right now I'd probably be trying it myself. I've certainly been urging my mom to do just the kinds of things stressed here. Positive thinking, I know is a terrible cliche, but you can't knock what's been shown to work.

Does anyone else have direct experience with this kind of therapy/treatment? Did you undertake it on your own, or in a group environment?

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I have been meditating for years, done lots of courses. Its a key part of why i am in chemo free remission from stage 4 colorectal as well as breakthrough cancer medicine in germany.

I see lots of people who dont meditate and dont do well. 

Positive thining is essential for survival. its helped me so far. see my blog today about endorphins.

you might find this interesting...




ps i have been away for a holiday, but i finally got the internet working in my little apartment. 

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Thanks for your response, it definitely makes a lot of sense that you would have a positive experience with these mind therapies. Unfortunately, my mom is not much into meditation, perhaps exacerbated from the fact that she suffered from pretty heavy depression even before the cancer hit. I must admit that I am not very different from her in this - positive thinking does not come easily for us.

My mom can be pretty stubborn about taking my advice on such things, but she does tend to listen to whatever her doctors tell her. I've finally graduated from my master's program, so I will be able to be present on her hospital visits for chemo session (one of the very few perks of being currently unemployed). I will talk to her doctors about advising her to take up meditating, positive thinking therapy, etc. My mom is currently on some strong antidepressants which I think are starting to help, but hopefully she will consider the possibility that to really get better, it will take more than just pills and chemo.

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I can honestly say that I have had more friends; known more people, that swore they’d beat cancer, and truly believed it.. than those that felt doom was around the corner.


I still talk to some of the “doomers” after more than 10 years of hearing their “I’m doomed” stories, while unfortunately it seems like more of my “positive thinking” friends have been gone for quite awhile.


How come those that make these “studies” don’t talk to anyone here? A quick search of the archives would give a great indication of how well “positive thinking” works!


I wish it was as easy as “willing it away” or saying some prayers….


With all of us wishing for each other here as much as we do, there wouldn’t be –anyone- missing……



One thing I do know for sure…. 

I  personally don’t need more stress in my life from worrying if I’m worrying too much.


Be well,





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As a psychiatrist I have quite a lot of experience with my psychology colleagues using a minduflness approach for depression and anxiety and have little doubt it works inthat setting. It is also a healthy general approach to life. Therefore am not surprised to see it benefits cancer patients in reducing stress, pain,improving sleep and quality of life.

John- the article is not saying it prolongs survival, so don't worry your typical surly response won't worsen your longevity!

I don't believe the psychological state affect survival rates particularly but have little doubt that it does affect the quality of time we have.

Thanks for the post,


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Positive thinking may not prevent or even help to survive cancer,


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I used the same relaxation method as I used to deliver my sons While on Folfox to control nausea.  The instructor at Mayo suggested Tai Chai or Yoga to help with balance and build back muscle tone after chemo.  Many believe Eastern Medicine can reduce inflammation and prevent cancer.  I continue to do AM Tai Chi and take an aspirin 81 mg. Also eating the cancer prevention diet To prevent recurrence . Daily prayers and feeling God's presence in nature help with living in the present. Prayers for all of us.


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