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Has anyone had complications after a D&C with hysteroscopy?

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I just had mine done on Thursday morning so they could biopsy my lining.  They didn't find any polyps or fibroids, which I think is good news.  I felt great on Thursday and even was able to attend my kids Mothers Day tea at their preschool on Friday morning.  However right after the morning tea, my cramping started to get really bad.  When I got home I passed some big tissue that was the size of my hand.  Then the cramping became severe and I was doubled over.  My husband took me back to the doctor and after they examined me and took some blood work, they are guessing it's an infection.  So i have a script for percocet because the cramps are really bad and for Keflex to treat the infection.  They also have me coming in today (Saturday) for a re-check.  They are normally closed on Saturday's so the GYN is coming in just for me.  Has anyone had this happen? 

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