Total Gastrectomy and Chemo to Come

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Bianca and my aunt was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few months ago. She went through chemo these past few months. She recently went through a total Gastrectomy which showed that the cancer had advanced to stage three. The surgeon had adviced me and my family that she would be needing even more chemo. As for long term, we were told that we would have to pray and stay strong, which worried the h out of me. So I was wondering if maybe some of you could share your story with me? Maybe tell me what to expect? She's my second mommy. She helped my parents raise me when they both needed to work full time to take care of me. I feel like I owe her this much to be as aware as possible. 


Thank you. 


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    total gastrectomy

    my wife had a total gastrectomy 15 years ago but it was stage 0 so we were very blessed in that part. She did not have to take chemo because they got it all in surgury. Diet  is the most important factor in her life now. She will face vit d and b12 defeciencys. B12 will be monthly shots for energy but start on d vitamins if possible as soon as possible. Nobody told us since everything is trial and error. but her bone density is -40. They are trying new meds and they have halted the loss but she has trouble digesting the meds to increase her density. Peanut butter is a great source of protein and good for the shakes. Also it is very important to eat slowly and chew your food extra to prevent dumping. She still has trouble with that today when she eats too fast. Its like something trying to go down a drain too fast and its not gonna happen. The future is promising as long as she does what she is suppose to and takes her time and we will pray the chemo got all remaining cells.  donnie and linda faust


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    I survived stomach cancer.

    I survived stomach cancer.  Here is a link to my story,

    This is from a web site my wife and I created about stomach cancer treatment presented from the survivor's perspective.

    I hope you find it helpful.