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Pumakitty Dad

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Hi Everyone


I just spoke to Kathy a little while ago; she said her Dad was not doing too well. He is in the hospital and they don’t expect him to live much longer, he had got Pneumonia on top of everything else and his body is just not strong enough to pull through it. He is not in any pain but resting and the hospital is doing all they can to make sure he is as comfortable as possible. They had time to say good-by to each other and that matters the most, Keep him and her family in your prayers.


God bless

Tim Hondo

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to Kathy and her mom....this has been a long old haul.


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i'm also sending prayers.  i pray your dad will be kept comfortable and in no pain.  i pray for strength for u kathy and ur mom.

God bless,


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to hear this news . Thought's and Prayers for You and your Mother and your family . This site is getting to be too sad for me and I may have to to try to stay away for a while until I get home from MDA.Undecided


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What words can bring comfort I don't know.  One wants hope where there is little or none and that may be the saddest part of all.  Whatever blessings there are I hope the family has as many as there can be in such situations.

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jim and i
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Thanks for updating us. Give Kathy and family my best and let her know we hold them in prayer.


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D Lewis
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and holding them close in my heart.



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Thanks for the update, these messages are always hard to read.

All my best hopes are with Kathy and her Dad.



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