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Lung Mets - lung lobe

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my boyfriend just got two Mets removed (wedge resection) in open surgery on the right side of his lung (colon cancer). He has a second surgery scheduled for two mets on the left side in a couple of weeks. He was told today that the surgeons want to take out the upper lobe completely because one met is localized right in the center of that lobe. The surgeons say that they think they need to go that route if they want to treat him with a curative intent. The oncologists in the same hospital would prefer ablation to spare Sa much tissue as possible if they have to go in again. 

This is obviously quite confusing. Has anybody got any thoughts on this? In addition, how compromising is it to lose a lobe? He is quite worried about it while I have basically been reading that one won't feel a lot of difference. 


Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks! 

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He would feel a difference, at least at first. over time the lung will recover. If it were me I would want them to be aggressive so I would have the best chance of recovery. I was  stage 3b and my tumor  was in  awkward space. They ended up needing to take all  of my right lung and I'm glad they did. Had CT on Apr 25th and it was clear. He has to choose , but I'd go for curative. Good luck to you both.

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Thank you! If taking Out the lobe equals curative, that will be his choice. I just haven't really understood if the one really means a chance of cure while ablation wouldn't. You read so many different things. 


He already - after wedge resection on the one side - gets the feeling that he isn't breathing well. But the surgery is only two weeks ago - I guess that is normal?


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I had my lower R lobe removed, it was tough at first for a couple weeks , but now I cant even tell.. go for the cure~!

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One of my lungs has completely atrophied and pushes no air. At rest my PO2 is generally 95-99. While walking it read 97. I walk up to two miles and exercise a minimum of 3 times a week. He can do very well. I have not heard of lung cancer patients being offered ablations but each type of cancer is different and responds differently to treatment. This might be better addressed by one of the oncologists at the cancer grace.org website.

Additionally, you may want to ask over on the colon cancer thread because it might have been discussed there before. Please let us know what you decide and how it works out.

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Thank you, Guys. he will speak to his doctors this upcoming week and I will let you know what they decide on. It currently looks as if he would do regular resection of the lobe which is what the surgeons recommend. 

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