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Medicare finally fixed!!

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It has been quite the ordeal.  It took a month and finally got somewhere thanks to Deb my case worker through the SHIP Program which is Medicares department of aging that works with claims and other issues that people are having trouble with.

She had a contact within SSA Regional office in Denver a Supervisor Kathy, who did aditional training for Medicare workers every year in Denver.  Deb called me the week before and asked my permission to give my information to a contact that she had at a higher level in Denver.  Kathy me a week, ago Thursday, asked questions, whom I spoke with in Medicare, dates, and information given.  Told her I had an appointment with SSA in downtown office Friday am per the advanced resoution center with Medicare to turn in SSA Form 561 to resolve this.

She said more misinformation.  That form has nothing to do with Part B.  That was on Thursday, she said she would call me Tuesday morning.  Sure enough, 8:01 Tuesday morning she called and had it all approved AND in the system, now just waiting for it to trickle down to the website so my insurance company can start processing the claims back to March 1 2013.  

Said to tell everyone that if you are on SSDI and become eligible for Medicare Part B.  Unless you are under a spouse/partners insurance plan and not on Your companies plan, take the Part B.  The problem here was I was on a COBRA Plan, and 1 800-Medicare was giving me information as though my medical plan was based on a spouse/partner. 

Now they will take 4 months of premiums out of my May SSDI check for Mar, Apr, May and June as it is paid one month in advance, even though SSI is paid one mone in arrears! 

Cant tell you how much stress releif I feel.  Now if I can get rid of a five day headache that is shooting pain from my neck and jaw up my head, and increased rib pain and tightening in the chest.  I will be happy! But I am not having any trouble breathing, so that is a good thing. 

Had chemo yesterday, celebrating Mother's Day today (going fishing with the boys and daughter-in-law), and then to see the Great Gatsby!  Sundays are not good days for me.  2 chemos left and I am done with treatments then in 3-4 weeks I will have CT and Bone scan to see if this chemo even worked.  He thought it would help with the pain, but it has increasingly gotten worse.  Nurse says it could be worse due to cellular changes or continued growth.  Will find out soon enough!  Just the break will be good! 


Happy Mother's Day to all!


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Hi Carol,

I am so happy everything is straightened out for you.  I was furious when I read your posts last week.  You should not have to deal with Medicare problems when you are trying to heal.  I hope the pain subsides for you soon, but no matter what enjoy the day with your family.  I hope the movie is good.  I really want to see it.

Happy Mother's Day,


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I know it must feel wonderful to have that problem out of the way.  I'm sorry you had to fight that battle but, hey, you won.  That's certainly something to smile about.  I'm so sorry your pain has gotten worse.  You are fighting this battle so courageously and you deserve a break.  I appreciate you always having a kind word of encouragement for me in the midst of what you are going through.  I hope you enjoy your Mother's Day celebration!



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I am happy that the Medicare problem has been resolved.  Now bill the government for causing you that awful headache and all that pain.  You want a million if not more.

I am truly sorry for all the stress you have had to deal with during this whole ordeal.  I do hope it goes away quickly.  Maybe a little more pain medication and something extra for the headache.

Happy Mother's Day to you too and hoping Sunday will be a better day tomorrow.


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Congrats!!!!  So glad you no longer have to worry about that along with fighting bc.   Hugs to you!


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One less thing for you to worry about -- and insurance and health care coverage is a BIGGIE!  Fishing with your boy's and daughter in law - now, that is a great way to spend Mother"s Day.  Your way, doing what you all love.

Let us know how you doing ... We are thinking and keeping you in good thoughts, and prayers.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam


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Yes, congrats!  You sure don't need to be worrying about this. 

Hugs, Angie

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Happy for you..


New Flower
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i hope you had good time

glad SSI and Medicare issue rresolved hugs 

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Am pretty nauseated just hoping no headache to follow. One more chemo. I have to be honest, As much as I am looking forward to no chemo, I am also afraid of not having anything other than pain meds, thyroid meds and evista as a hormone blocker. With already increased pain and sleeping so much I wonder how advanced the beast really is and how much of how I feel is cancer and how much is se from the tratment, then too how fast will it grow without any ouside agents to stop it? But I also know it is time to stop, I am worn out completely.

Got bills today. Amazing secondary was not even paying 10% on anything over about 75. Not worried as drs office said not to!

Hugs and sincere thanks for always listening when I vent and think. No sleeping tonight is forcing me to think more deeply, and that is always scarry as I usually keep my mind so busy that I don't go to these places.

Another Ativan to try to sleep tonights

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Thank goodness!!!  It is not enough to have cancer but to be so troubled by redtape is a crying shame.  So happy for you my friend!!!

Now get better!  Thinking positive thoughts for those scans!

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