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Awesome Ostomy Video!

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For any of us who fear an ostomy (that would include me!), please check out this video!


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Thanks for posting this. As many know I have had my ostomy for two years now. After a brief adjustment period both mentally and physically I can honestly say it does not interfer with my daily life at all. It is like anything else unknown that people fear, once educated it is not really all that scary. People create all sorts of "icky" ideas in their minds about how awful it would be and thats just NOT true. There are many manufacturers with a variety of supplies that make living with an ostomy easy and comfortable. Other than family and close friends most people would never know I have it, and if by chance saw the bag or cover would not know what it was.

That being said, it would be a lie to say if given the choice I would rather not have, but that is partly because of society being so lacking in knowledge about ostomies in general. No ones fault, just the way it is. I have stated before, in the case of anal cancer treatment and recovery issues, I do not have to deal with any of the pain or discomfort when having a bowel movement!!!!! We all poop......this is really the only place we discuss it in detail. Its not part of my daily conversation out in public.

Again, thanks for sharing the video and hopfully easing fear even just a little bit for others. 

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Thanks for sharing! 

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