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Little update again

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Hey everybody! I've been reading posts almost everyday but find it hard to be active on the board due to a lot of work lately.

My dad, as some of you already know, had finished his tx in September 2012 and in January CT showed a bit enlarged lymph node in his neck (they said it was probably from radiation which hit him very hard). So, in April they did an ultrasound guided needle biopsy of that node (2x1 cm) which showed "husks, debris and pherypheral blood" - material was not diagnostic. So his RAD ONC doctor sceduled him for another appointment in May. We were there on Wednesday, she examined his mouth and throat and no sign of tumour anywhere (he had BOT cancer). But she said that they have to come to conclusion about that small lymph node which is still a bit enlarged, so they did another needle biopsy. And again: aspirated material is not diagnostic!!! So, the doctor will probably order another ultrasound guided needle biopsy and CT.

She said that it is probably just from radiation (his skin on his neck is still sensicitve and pigmented), but they have to be sure, so they will do anything to make sure that nodes are clean. Otherwise they will do disection, probably.

Ahhh.. I hate because two biopsies showed non-diagnostic material.

On the other hand... my Dad is doing good. Gaining weight, eating more solid foods, but it is not easy, because he has not much saliva. But all in all he is great. He stopped using any medication or pain killers 6 months after chemoradiaton. He was really hit hard with treatment and from September to December he just slept all day. But now his is ok. I hope we will clear out finally what does that slightly enlarged node mean.

Thank you again for all your support and God bless each and every one of you!!


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So glad to hear that your Dad is progressing well. Wish he didn't have the worry of that node. Prayers for an all clear soon.


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they certainly are taking good care of him....

I know this is keeping you on edge Vanessa, but I honestly think the ultimate decision is going to be radiation damage.  He feels good, he's gain weight, he's not tired....everything points in the direction of his being ok. 


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Sounds like your fathers hardwork is paying off, he's a survivor....


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I' m not even sure if it is that same node as it was spotted on CT in January and first needle biopsy in April. It seemed to me that they stick that needle in different spot than last time. And this time his doctor could feel it. Last time she couldn' t. Maybe because last time his skin was still sensitive and when she tried to feel it, he refused it, so she probably couldn't feel everything properly. 

Well, anyway, I think I'm sick of those nodes... I' ve had it enough for the rest of my life Laughing

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Sounds like he is doing pretty well and as soon as they figure out the lymph node he’ll be great.


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I know how you feel.  Since my treatment ended anything that comes up worries me now.  My default thought is a new cancer even though I know I need to stop thinking like that.  We are only human and we cannot always think or do the "correct" thing.  It does go away a little faster each time.  I try to keep busy with other stuff and that helps a lot.  Best to you and your dad.

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