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post treatment pain

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Anyone have sudden onset three-month-post-treatment pain where the tumor was (more or less) when going to the bathroom?

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My pain came and went over the first year, and then improved over the next few years. 

My rectal guy said I would see no more changes after 18 months, but I have continued to slowly improve in the 5 years since treatment ended.

Bear in mind that my radiation side effects were severe and that most people heal faster than I did.

If the pain is stabbing, get out those painkillers!  Don't be afraid to use them when needed.


Posts: 557
Joined: Dec 2012

I needed and need to be in extremis to take painkillers. They're my last go-to solution, not my first.  In any case, I'll wait to see what course it takes and if it doesn't resolve on its own, maybe I'll have it assessed.  Or maybe not. I'm not going to have any more treatments, regardless of what's going on in there, so it might not pay to see what's what. I take it you're in NYC? 

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