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Interesting Article in Time Magazine - "The Biology of Kindness" - How It Makes Us Happier and Healthier

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I came across this article in Time magazine and thought that it was relevant and contained merit, at least for myself and perhaps for someone else as well.

Of particular interest to me was this excerpt from the article...

Apparently, being kind to others stimulates the Vagus nerve...and by doing so, according to the article, it may play a role in regulating glucose levels and immune responses. 

I had wondered if the role the board has played for me has had some success in post-treatment times for me currently staying in my longest remissive state of 22-months out of the entire 9-year ordeal.

Unfortunately, I let three words up here temporarily derail me....and there have been other human interactions that have contributed to killing me on the inside.  I was writing at a pretty high level and enjoying helping several folks up here.....and then it all went away as quickly as it had come. 

As always, there were several mitigating factors in conjunction with things....I've found it's never one thing all by itself....but one event coupled with several other events can make the ship list to one side.

I hope to shake things off and fight through them and find an avenue avenue to get back to how I want to feel about a good many things....the feelings and whatnot I've been experiencing are not good for the long run.....and this article points to the positive benefits of the type of things I was once doing - and want to keep doing for others as well as myself....it's generally a win-win...at least for me.

On a positive note, I did have the rare opportunity recently to give of myself once more to someone up here on the board...and it was nice to feel a little bit better from doing so....to not let one person or even several hamper my efforts. 

What really felt good was the connection....my connection has been broken...and I'm trying to restablish that link.  It's just that I've been missing the old me lately...and I can't always just manufacture what I do - it's got to come from the heart with me....and my heartbeat was stopped by a series of things ....and I went with it.  And I don't like it...

This article is a reminder to me of what I used to do - and hopefully will one day be able to do again...

I don't suggest that this article cure cancer, but I think the therapeutic benefits from what is described in the article could certainly play some kind of role in staving off cancer when in a remissive state...primarily by doing what the article states above.....regulating glucolse levels and improving immune response.

I know I was happiest working here the past 4-years....and had a sense of worth and fulfillment...I will find it again when the time is right.

Anyway, it was a good read and thought you might like it as well. It seems that giving to others and connecting with others has many benefits - I guess I never realized how much of an impact it has - until you lose it. 

Enjoy the read...


Best always + Best Wishes!



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Thank you Craig for the link. I like the theme.You can't ever go wrong serving up a little real kindness.

As far as your worth....without a doubt you are worthy, whether here, or elsewhere. ( I'm sure I have missed something?)


Your friend,



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My old friend....

You know that with me....if you blink once....you miss a lifetime's worth:)


Your friend too:)


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Good to see you back my friend, we've missed you out here.  And that was a nice article.  :). 

Welcome back!


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Hiya, Cyn!

It was interesting reading....sorta what I needed to read...does make you wonder.

You know I'm a sensitive $hit...right?

I'm so glad that you like me anyway:) 

I've missed you too!


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Hi Craig. Thanks for sharing the article. I believe there is something to it. I see it in Steve. He is a very helpful and friendly person. Helps a neighbor look after his wife who has MS. Does many favors for people and is just very kind and outgoing. He seems to get something out of it. Makes him feel happy and therefore feel better. I wish it did kill cancer cells!

Nice to hear from you again. I think we have all missed you. I know I have. I hope you decide to get back into it. I should be starting to lose my mind any minute now. Chemo has stopped for now. Another 14 sessions. Get scan results soon. This will determine what comes next. Very worried that it will be more systemic chemo. Hoping for surgery. The waiting and not knowing is difficult for me. Steve, however, doesn't seem to have a care in the world. I guess that is a good thing. Steve likes to always remain positive and not worry until there is something specific to worry about. I envy this attitude. But the reality is that there is a lot to worry about, right now. I
find that sometimes it gets lonely living in the real world all by myself. Hate to voice a concern and risk upsetting him. It's best just to bite my tongue or vent to you guys.

Looking forward to more posts.


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to be of the same mind as your Steve, Chelsea.  Doesn't seem to worry about what might be, just goes about his happy little self, helping out his friends, trying to keep ME sane, and making plans for things in the upcoming year(s).

Interesting article..Craig, your immune system must have got an extra boost.  Roberts eyes lit up at your little gift and I found him yesterday afternoon, on the riding lawnmower, drink cup in hand, toasting me as I drove up the driveway after work!  He sends his thanks, and so do I.

Wish I could hug your neck!



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I came in to work this morning and prepared for my day...and I logged in to check out the post....and saw four lovely ladies that were a beacon of light for me on a day when I needed to feel close to someone..and I read down through the responses and got to yours...and read it...

I've become so stone cold hard lately...it's a self-preservation mechanism that I employ when all around me begins to close in...remember those Pill Bugs?  When you touched them, they would stop in their tracks and draw inward?


Yep, that's me:) 

All of your responses helped soften my heart this morning....reading about Robert enjoying his present was especially heart-warming for me...as my dear friend, Cyn once told me..."It makes me feel closer to you..."

You know what's really nice about it?

I felt like a human being again for the first time in a long while...and it was nice to see some of those hardened layers slough off, if only for a moment:) 

Thank you so much! 

And your prescription was right on - I did need a hug today.....my tank was running a little dry:)

Wish I could have seen the look in Robert's eyes! I'll bet that was magic for you seeing him twinkle like that, huh?  Your description is so reassuring and comforting....it's all that I wanted it to be....thanks for getting it done:) 

He rocks, but both of you know that.....oh well, tell him again! 

I forgot to tell you that I had raised a glass to Robert last w/end while I was down in my barn enjoying the evening...it was very symbolic, of course, because that first sip was supposed to be his:)

So, to be honest with you, it was a little emotional down there....and you know I don't get emotional:)


You guys Rock!

All my love (what's left of it anyway:)


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It was the Moody Blues who so eloquantly penned the lyrics...

"Lovely to see you again my friend / Walk along with me 'till the next bend..."


So, that sums it up for me - besides, they can say it better than I ever could:)

I've missed you as well....all of you ladies...you just don't know how much...

I really thought the article was valid and contained some interesting points...I know I was doing the same things with cancer that I was doing without cancer....but still, I wonder if we level the playing field, could something like this (in a strange way) be some kind of adjuvant therapy to go along with every other complementary thing that we do?

As we've seen, getting cancer.....and clearing cancer out.....and keeping it out, all must involve more things than simply biologic principles....it reminds me of the old Rubic cubes....just when you think you've got it...it's something else entirely. 

Beyond cancer though, it's the human touch that I think helps make the differnence one way or the other, despite the outcomes good or bad.  Because, it's those thoughts and that sharing that truly brings us some of the greatest joys and fulfillment in our lives...and those good type of endorphines can only be good for us as we try and give to others.

I'll be checking on those scan results with baded breath....hope they are all they can be:) 

You know, it does get lonely living by yourself...or at least that 'feeling' of feeling like you are...I've often found that it carries the same weight either way...

I see in you and Steve some similarities in our life experiences, so I feel a kinship with you that is hard to explain, but then again, not everything needs an explanation...sometimes it's just enough to know that it is.

I'll close with the lyrics from Alan Jackson...

"Here in the real world / It's not that easy at all / 'Cause when hearts get broken / It's real tears that fall..."

Just want you to know that I still want to be here with you....Here In The Real World:)

With much fondness...oh what the hell....all my love...




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We need you and from your summary of the article it's good for your health to stick around too.  I'm not sure what the three words refer to but if it's what I'm thinking from what I remember that was a misunderstanding.  I will read the article when I get a chance.  Stick around.  

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What brings you out to this neck of the woods?


The article really hit home yesterday for me...I know there is no way to measure anything like that...it's enough for me to know that it does have benefit...and as you said, I know I'm better off with it than without it...

It was a good read and I think the message does contain solid merit...congrats again on a clear status and the upcoming life changes for you...and your upcoming trip too:)

I need a good getaway too.....somewhere....anywhere:)

Thanks for stopping by this morning. 

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I'm not sure what the 3 words were..but here are mine:


Will read the article soon - thanks for sharing!

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I don't want to leave leave you out, Jen:)

Thank you so much for what you said - and how you feel:)

In 30-days I'll make 9-years.....and by the end of the month I'll have heard from Coping...or not.  That one would fill me up for the rest of the year:)

Thanks for everything - continued best to you & yours!

Very nice seeing you again today! I have missed the interaction, camaraderie and feelings that all go along with it...

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