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Had a gastro-something enema this morning. I am scheduled to have my colostomy reversed June 17th!!! School gets out the 14th, my class reunion is the 15th, and it's "bye-bye Oscar" on the 17th!!! I've had this since November of '12, and feel very fortunate to be able to reverse it.

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That's great news! Hope it all goes smoothly.


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That's great news.  Hope the procedure is uneventful and your recovery and return to old ways is smooth sailing.

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that's FANTASTIC news!!!

I only had an "Oscar" (mine was "Arce Hole #2") for 7 months, but had it reversed July 2012.

I don't miss that Arce one bit.


Good luck and congrats!!!!


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Great news that you can have reversal. Pray all goes well.  Jeff

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