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Dad back in hospital

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Hi guys,


Just wanted to update you on a couple of things. 

Dad went to the oncologist last weeks and was told he was doing better then expected and he would see him in 4 weeks and determine if he was strong enough to restart chemo.  Sae regular doctor next week and was told doing good.  Home health nurse discharged him that week also.


Tuesday when I got home he told me he was sick and had been throwing up.  Showed other symptoms of bladder infection again.  Called 911 and had him transported to hospital.  Was told in there that he has a mild case of pnemonia. It took over 24 hours for him to get in a room.  ER doctor told me again about the spot on his lung and one on his liver. 


He does not seem to be doing very good.  Please say some prayers for our family.



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kathy, sorry things r'nt go'n well.  sending prayers your way.


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You got my prayers Kathy...


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Sorry to hear that your Dad is not doing well, will continue to keep him in prayer



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I'll keep hoping for the best. Hang in there.


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Whispered that prayer for you and your dad......  I believe they really, really do make a difference!!



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Positive thoughts and prayers for your father and family...


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