STAGE 3 Oligodendroglioma MY son diagnosed March 2011 Any discussion would be appreciated...Thank Yo

MY son was diagnosed last march 2012 with A cancerous Stage 3 brain Tumor, 3 days after the operated on him.

They than put him on chemotherepy for 4 months,this seemed to do nothing in August of 2012 they operated again on him,

this time the operation took longer and he almost hemeraged and took alot more for him to recover from.

They have since than ut him thru a Radiation treatment until the end of December 2012,that seemed to give us the only positive 

out come in a year.They told us the Tumour had shrunk slightly and that it was inactive.

In Eary March 2012 my son callapsed in the bathroom and was taken to hospital,they said this could be caused from a little swelling from the radiation.

In April they started him on a AVASTIN & CHEMO treatment were he goes in every 2 weeks and gets treatments,he is now waitting for a MRI at the end of


The doctors have tod him basically there is only 1 other treatment that they can try after the AVASTIN.

Iam just hoping someone can give me some insight of my sons situation & if what they are saying about 1 more thing to try?

My son lives on the East coast and I live on the West Coast so I don,t have direct contact with doctors.

If anyone else has been thru the same it sure would be nice to no more about this

Thank You

Muray LaPlante


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    Dear Murray
    I am sorry to

    Dear Murray


    I am sorry to hear about your son...My brother in law had the same diagnosis and it breaks my heart...he was only 28....we never got a chance to use Avastin on him. Iam not sure what information you are looking for but all i can say is my brother in law had 3 operations and he was treated with Chemo and radiation...The only other option your doctors may think of could be whole brain radiation...but I could not be sure


    I will pray for you and your son


    Best Wishes

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    Sharing the information

    I am simply trying to share information that I have come across doing research for my mother who has cancer. While she is refusing treatment of anykind, I believe that lives can be saved by making an oil from cannabis. Because of our "endocannabinoid system" in our bodies (google it!) when we introduce external (from the plant) cannabinoids to our system, it interacts with EVERY system in our body and specifically our healing systems. PLEASE LOOK FOR YOURSELF... There are many scientific, peer-reviewed articles about this fact.

    Mykayla is a little girl in Oregon who is being treated for her cancer with Cannabis oil. She is in remission right now.

    you can read all about her on her facebook page. 

    Best of luck to your family... <3

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    Sharing my story


     I am sorry to hear, 

    My Uncle was diagnosed with GBM in 2011 at the age of 50, he underwent surgery, radiation and chemo. Just after 3 months he received treatment condition  worsened with recurrence of tumour, heaviness of the head, with loss of recent memory. Then we came across the new therapy called SPMF. This treatment is a non surgical process and is not painful. They had a machine, where he had to lie down everyday for 1 hour, this went on for 28 days. They use some kind of programmed magnetic beams.There is a center that has developed and uses this therapy, SBF Healthcare. 

      For the past 15 months there is no recurrence of the tumour. This treatment has yielded good results and a lot of improvement in him. Our experience was very good. I would suggest that you also try this therapy.

    For more details check there website:

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    I am so sorry to learn of

    I am so sorry to learn of your struggle.  Where is your son being treated?  Maybe try to get another opinion.

    Does he have the 1p19q chromosome deletion?  I have an oligodendroglioma too.  They are typically very slow growing. I did a twelve month course of Temador so I am surprised they just stopped your son's after four.  Please feel free to reach out if you like.  Stay positive