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Its been a while.....

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I just wanted to stop by, check on everyone. I often think of this board, of the love and hope all of you gave me while my mother was fighting. Your kindness when she suddenly passed in September 2011 was wonderful.

Its amazing how things have settled, how the pain while always with me, has become something Im learning to live with. With Mothers Day so close, my heart aches, but there is so much happiness and I am "full" of good memories and this year I can smile. I miss her every single day, but more often than not I find myself laughing when I talk about her. She was pretty amazing.

I looked over my old posts here and I see fear, worry and more than anything hope. I am always grateful for the words of wisdom and kindness each of you shared. I just want to let you all know that my siblings and I are coming out the other side of a quiet and dark time and we are stronger. You remain in my prayers and thoughts.

Happy Mothers Day to you all!!!!!



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For thinking of us..we are here for you also. I lost my Mom in November and Mother's Day will be hard for me also. Stop in anytime,I know your sweet Mom is watching over you....stay strong..Val 


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Thank you for your prayers and thoughts of us.  I am glad you're reached a place where you can smile and laugh when you think about your beloved mother.  I feel the same way as Val - that your mom is watching over you.  I'm sure she appreciates the fact that you miss her but also wants you to live your life again.  You were a good daughter and you provided the loving support that your mom needed when she was fighting the good fight.

Sending prayers and good thoughts to you too.


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Anita! Thank you very muth! (((HUGS))), Zina

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