Colonoscopy done today

I had my 1 year follow up colonoscopy this morning. Clean colon, yay!!!! The worst part was yesterday not eating and the worst of the worst was drinking MoviPrep. Sounds like something to drink to watch a good movie. No way!!! No watching anything drinking that crap. I ran and ran and had runs and runs for hours last night. Gag and choked drinking that stuff.
For all the newbies - Diagnosed 4/11/2012 large rectal tumor, Stage IV with mets to liver (1 single lesion). Chemoradiation for 5 weeks. Surgery June 19th, removed rectal tumor (no colostomy), removed liver tumor, removed gallbladder in 6 1/2 surgery with clear margins. 12/23 positive lymph nodes. Started Folfox 4 weeks after surgery in July and completed in December. CEA has been <0.5 since surgery and CT's and PET have been clear. I know last year I didn't know if I would be here this year, so I feel lucky everyday. I hope everyone is feeling good and kicking chemo's butt!
Sandy :)
Stage IV


  • YoVita
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    Great news Sandy!

    Must be a relief for you.  I know what you mean about feeling lucky.  Hope for many more clear scans and scopes for you. 

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    Terrific news! 

  • annalexandria
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    That's wonderful news, Sandy!

    So very, very glad to hear this.  You must feel pretty darn terrific about having such good results!  Big hugs~AA

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    Such great news. Keep it up. 

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    Great news Sandy!  You have

    Great news Sandy!  You have been through so much this past year.  I just got my script for my 1 year follow up colonoscopy yesterday.  I have to wait until June to get it...I had it done in June of last year to help dx me.  I am not looking forward to that prep stuff again.   I had to do it twice in the same week...once for the colonoscopy and then again for the surgery.

  • fatbob2010
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    Sandy:  Must feel good to get that report...wishes and hope for many more reports ike that in the years to come.  Art

  • Varmint5
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    Great news!

    So glad your scope was clear! Sounds like you are doing great - that's wonderful. May it continue!


  • thxmiker
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    We love to hear the Great news! Keep up the good fight.  You have had a tought battle, and deserve a good break. 



    Best Always,  mike

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    Yay! :) great news...i bet
    Yay! :) great news...i bet this will be a great mothers day weekend! Enjoy it.
  • Chelsea71
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    Congratulations, Sandy. Very
    Congratulations, Sandy. Very happy for you.

  • fighting_ big_c
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    Chelsea71 said:

    Congratulations, Sandy. Very
    Congratulations, Sandy. Very happy for you.



    The kind of news we want to hear! Yay for you !!!!