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*** CSN H&N Contact List ~ Update ***

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OK, all of you that have sent me info so far, please let me know your preferred methods of contact and in which preference order...and any restrictions, time, personal calls, texts, cell phone calls, etc...

Home Phone Number

Cell Phone Number







and any other mode I have not covered...

Also, do you have any objections on me sending the list to everyone that responded with information of theirs...?

I have sent everyone a contact either email or text that has sent me something to date... Most have replied back, some have not as of yet. I don't want to send the list to anyone that you are uncomfortale with giving your info to. I won't send it to anyone other than on the list...

If you are on the list, you'll have an updated copy and you can send them your info...

But don't send other peoples info unless they give the OK please...

LOL, anything else you can think of that I messed...



Any others that haven't contacted me, or posted information please do so...

What is the consensus for distribution....

Email the list privately upon request...?

Email the list to everyone that responded...?

Any other ideas concerning distribution of the list would be appreciated...

I have a few that only listed phone numbers, but no email contact info..., so I'd need that to email the list...



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what do I need to do to get on list?

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Let me handle it, I’ll see that everyone gets what’s coming to them.

How about a DQ Blizzard to all who respond?

No, really, we should do it by height, since I am 4’-2”, I get to go first.

Sincerely, I am leaning toward those who responded with (self) information. In that way, they have skin in the game. For those which have difficulty speaking, email is important, but for those truly concerned with .privacy a note to “PM only” could allow them to participate.

Happy schmoozing,


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I do hope you will have a PM only column because I would certainly like to participate and rarely look at my home e-mail. I wouldn't feel right publishing my work e-mail address as it is only intended for work. I love this job! wink wink 

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I like Matt's approach. I'll take an Oreo Blizzard then. Oh, and I am just 4', so I go before Matt. Wink


John....I sent Vivian my phone number and email. I will email my phone number to you (as you have my email address already). I don't mind sharing my info with others that also share. After all, it's all about "Sharing", right? ...LOL.  Oh, and warn them not to "Facetime" me if they have an IPHONE as it is rather addicting to me and I may not stop. Texting is ok too. ~C

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Matt more than one response would warrant more than on blizzard???? I can come up with many AKA's


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You have made some good points... I am going to add a field for contact media preference..

Rachel brought up the point of texting or video conference, and HWT on similar concerns...

Possibly a text asking if it's a good time for a call for those wanting to voice chat also...

Good ideas...


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I do have some of the information but after the initial contacts I was still missing a lot. Would you like me to pm the list of what I have? I am a little confused. Lol. It is nothing new these days for me.

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Yes please...

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to PM on here . I think there are probably others on here besides me that haven't replied because we don't know how . JS


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but you have my permission to share any and all info (I think I gave it to you) ...



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Is very easy on here....

Click on the persons name you want to send a message to (their avatar name)..

It will open their profile page.

At the bottom of  that page, there is a link that says Send this user a message.

Click that and it opens a message box addressed to them (plus you can add others)...

Then just do it like a regular post or reply.

When you get an email on here it will notify you at the top of each page you are on...

Vivian, did you get my CSN email..., if so you can email me to my regular email, and attach, or just put what you have as a reply on the email from here..., your choice. And don't worry about anything, you have your plate full with just getting back in the groove..., if at anytime you wanna take it over or whatever, just let me know down the road.


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It would be nice someday to have a h&n family get together, just not sure how we would pull something like that off.



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great idea Hondo.... lets do an Alaskan Cruse


no fishing, just fellowship, fun and laughter



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