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Sorry I worried everyone update.

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I'm so sorry if I worried anyone. I have been so busy, going to Dr's apps and testing for every thing under the sun LOL.. Plus I went back to art. I use to draw and paint 26 years ago and I started drawing again and I am loving it. I quite when we moved to the country and had my horses at home. I would go to work and do 12 hours and then come home and ride for a couple of hours. So the art went by the way side. And as some of you know my cancer came back last summer. So I am back in chemo for the rest of my life they tell me. I hope I'm on chemo for a long long time.LOL. Been doing pretty good until I got Bronchitis and had to go back on oxygen Ugh..At least I only need it when I go out. I hope every one here has been  healthy and well. I think of you all each day. I have been here to read up. I don't know why I didn't see this post. You are all in my prayers. And I won't let so much time go by again with out a post.

Thank you Doris for e-mailing me.

Love to all of you

I will be back it's nice to know I was missed Thank you all


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It's nice that you were able to get back to your art.  I hope the bronchitis clears up soon and you can enjoy breathing without the oxygen again.



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It is good to hear from you. I am glad that you are doing pretty good (except for that dang Bronchitis). Good luck with your art. Love Surf

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Thank you Kay for posting.  I worry about people when we don't hear from they in a while.  

It is always good to know that with chemo one can have a life.  So far for me, since I have started chemo after a 18 years of hormonals drug therapies, I haven't had much of life.  I am hoping soon the fatigue adjust itself and I can begin to start doing something beside napping.

Keep up the drawing....


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I am so glad you are enjoying your hobbies and your life.  

Great to hear from you.


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Hi Kay, Been wondering how you were doing. Sorry the cancer has returned but we know you're a fighter and you'll do what it takes to keep going. You have been missed here on the board. You always have a positive attitude and are so kind and caring to everyone. I don't post much myself but I check in ever so often to see how every one is doing. I've got so many health issues it seems all I can do is take care of whatever is bothering me on a particular day but at least I'm still able to have some good days. Wishing you many good days ahead and hope you keep letting us know what's going on with you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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