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Our Final Goodbye

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We laid my husband to rest today. The graveside service was simple, but elegant. Each of us will remember the way Ron touched our hearts and lives..

JBG had an opportunity to lay a single rose on her grandmother's grave. My mother passed away almost seven years ago and they were very close. My parents' plots are side by side with ours.

I just want each of you to know how much we appreciate the love and kindness you have shown our family.

I will still be here to support all of you, my friends. The numbness has not yet worn off, but I know in time we will heal from this loss. At first, the silence will be deafening, but I will always have my memories of the man who taught me so much about this life.



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Hugs to you. Big virtual hugs from all in this CSN family.

thank you for sharing the journey with us.


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Thanks for giving us a glimpse of it.  My condolences for your loss. 

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Catching up on CSN and read your posts. Very sorry to hear of your loss!!!

I'm glad you and JBG have each other during this difficult time.


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As you have given to others on this forum, we're sending it all right back to you.  Love, peace, strength.  AA

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...there is a wide, colorful stripe with Ron's name on it....


Hugs, Kathi

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We love you too Wolfen!  (((Hugs)))


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I'm sorry for yor loss,we will be here if you ever need us.

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We'll be here when you need us.  Thinking of you.

love and hugs

Winter Marie

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So glad your service went so well. Please stay in contact after you get some rest. Jeff

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I've thought of you and your family a lot these past few days, Wolfen. You sound so strong - wish I had your grit. I understand about the numbness and the idea of facing the silence. We will all be here for you. Thanks for sharing Ron and your love for each other with us. He was a brave man to face all that he was facing without falling to pieces. I'm sure your support meant everything to him. Take care of you now.


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Hugs wolfen!

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very well,  take care and u will be in my thoughts



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I know it is such a hard time....we are here for you as you have been there for everyone.  ~Ann

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I am so sorry about your loss, my heart breaks for you and makes me sad that you are going through this.  I can only imagine the pain you are feeling and makes me think about my family and how special life is.  I can only pray that he is in a better place and someday you will meet him again in a place with no pain and no suffering!


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Sorry for your loss.

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Your family has been my thoughts so much the last few weeks as you faced these challenges together.  I am so sorry on the loss of your beloved husband.  He sounds like he was a wonderful man and you had a long and loving marriage.  I am glad that you were able to have your family with you as he transitioned to the next life. 


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I am sending prayers to you and your family. 

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i am so sorry. I have not been on here for awhile & i am sad to read about Ron. My prayers are for all of you.

hugs & love


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Dear Wooden:
I am sorry for your loss.

I have been off the boards for awhile.

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Sending all of my love and support.  Just do your best.  That's what my mom always says.  On days when you can't get up, don't.  On days when you can, do.  That's all you can ask from yourself.  A big squeezy hug, love Helen

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To the whole family.always will have a friend in Barcelona .

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I am so very sorry.  My prayers are with you and your family.  We remain here for you.




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You are truly treasured by what you have done and gone through.  Be so proud of yourself for all you have given.  May God bring you peace and healing.


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You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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My prayers are being sent to you and your family. 

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I'm really sorry for your loss. I know you must feel so lost. Praying for comfort.




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My deepest condolences!

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