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Busy month !

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Received a call from my Dad tonite.  My Uncle passed away quietly with his family around him.  He had that mesophelioma.  Not sure of the spelling.  So will be heading north on Thursday to be with the family.  We also have a few baby showers, wedding showers, and birthdays this month.  Life all around us hunh ?  Was in to my primary on Monday.  Having alot of pain in the lungs.  I see the specialist again on the 15th, and will have another spirometer and CT to track the progression in the lungs.  Then on the 16th will be having a echo cardiogram to see if this has effected the muscles of the heart.  I'm staying upbeat most days, but the pain can be overwhelming.  My primary reminded me to take it (one season at a time) made me smile.  I go back to the U on the 30th for the onc's, unless my lung dr. advises sooner.  I've been reading everyone's posts and if I haven't responded on some it's not that I don't wish you the very best.   Katie   

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You struck a chord when you said "life all around us".  Yes, how true that is. I hadn't thought that much about it but we're all in a different universe when we have cancer. Our lives and those of our loved ones change dramatically. For the patient and caregiver(s), life becomes something totally different. The lives of our friends, co-workers, other family members all continue on. We seem to live in a little bubble where this disease is the earth, moon and sky. It almost seems surreal. 

I caught a big hint of that on over the weekend when Marcia and I sent an email out to our "go to" list for a ride. These are the people that said "call or write me if you need anything". Of the 30 or so on that list we got one reply. I would have been SOL if that hadn't happened. For those people, life goes on. It's a lot easier to be said then done when you offer yourself like that. And one loses perspective with the outside world when we're living in cancer universe.

I'm sorry to hear you're being challenged again. I hope you get some relief from the pain. My prayers and positive thoughts are with you and your family. I hope you get to enjoy and cherish some of the happy events being celebrated. 

Take care of yourself and save your strength for the battles lying ahead. That's the #1 priority in the cancer universe. Post updates when you're able. 

Positive thoughts and prayers


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jim and i
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I, like you read the post all the time but may not respond because I do not know what to say or those who post before me have said it all. Sorry for your pain. I pray they are able to relive the pain.



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I am sorry for the loss of your Uncle and happy for all the celebrations of life around you.  Kind of pulls your heart in two directions. It always sounds like there are many to your clan.

I truly hope your team and your treatments expose you to many more seasons the way you like them (with health and without pain).

Remember to give yourself plenty of drive time for your trip.

Best always,


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With you for the strength to battle, attitude to keep pushing forward, and eventually recover...


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Sorry for the loss of your Uncle. I attended an Aunt's funeral Monday, she was 90. Her great great niece brought her 6 month old daughter and I could only smile to myself and think of the "circle of life". A midst the hurry and doctor appts. take time to slow down and really enjoy those family events coming up. 

Prayers for good results!


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No doubt you are one of my heros on this board....good lordy the battles you have had yet you still find time to encourage and say some prayers for us too...

I'm sorry about your Uncle.  I'm also sorry about the pain you are having in the lungs .....I whispered a prayer for you as I hit submit.....keep us posted.


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I hope from my heart that things will turn just fine for you! I'm sorry for all the pain and the loss of your Uncle. Even if I don't post much, please note that you're in my thoughts and prayers!! You're a true sunshine to all of us so all my best wishes are meant for you and your family!


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Katie, maybe all of the pollen and other airborne crap is hard on your lungs. I know I had a very recent battle with springtime allergies. Since my move to Texas last week I feel better. I also still have some pain in my lungs, kind of like having a bad chest cold or maybe I aspirated some food again.

Hang in there.


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I will say a prayer for you to have relief from pain.  So sorry you are going through this.   You are a wonderful lady!  hang in there....



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