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Update on Larry

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Larry was hospitalized yesterday with several small clots in his right lung. Thank God he finally agreed to go. He has been on Heparin IV and bed rest . All in all he is doing well, angry about the setback, but breathing has improved quite a bit. They are starting him on Levonox injections, which he will have to do twice a day for the next year. The oncologists' opinion is that the clots can come from several things,however this cancer is notorious for blood clots. So NOW Larry will have CT scans quite often. This is exhausting. His dilation last Thursday has held out pretty well. It's a good thing because they will not allow any dilations now. Fingers crossed!

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I am so sorry what you are going through. Am sending positive thoughts your way. Know that many of us out here in cyberspace are pulling for you guys. As the caregiver, make sure you take some time for yourself as well.

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Glad to hear he's doing alright given the circumstances. You guys have been through so much, and with this battle it's been a constant 2 steps foward, and then 3 steps back for my dad as well. This site is a constant reminder that things will get better, it just takes some time. So when your feeling down and out, just jump on here and remind yourself through others stories that it will get better, it seems to help me. As always we'll be praying for you guys and cheering for Larry to get a speedy discharge :).

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Glad to hear that Larry is doing better. Continued prayers your way and thanks for keeping us updated on him.

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All the best to you.

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