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gynecologic cancer survey

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Hi All,

I received this survey and thought others on this board might be interested in participating. It's a survey for a study being performed by a student at UTMB Galveston about gynecological cancer and its affect on our lives afterward. It's open to those who have been cancer free for at least 2 years.






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Thanks Laura - I did it - it took about 10 mins.  It is good for us to have our say whenever we have opportunities like this!



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Double Whammy
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and I thought cool, so I started to answer the questions.  The 4th question asked if I'd also had a non-gynecologic cancer.  So I said yes and they didn't want me anymore . . . sigh.

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I also tried to take the survery and exactly the same thing happened to me, when it asked if I had a nongynecologic cancer and I said yes, it did not want me anymore.  But interestingly, a couple of weeks later I got another email about the same survey, took it again, gave the same answers and did get the same results.  I wondered how my email address was shared.  I honestly do not remember how I got to the survey the first time.



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I got the survey from Lauren Herron at the Foundation for Womens cancers. I probably should have also said that it was limited only to those whose only cancer was a gynecologic cancer. I'm sorry for the confusion. Embarassed

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How many of us are 2 years cancer free and still posting?  Wish I qualified to do the survey.

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I am two years cancer free as of last month!  But one year cancer free (UPSC) I was diagnosed with tall cell thyroid cancer, unrelated. 

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  I am 2 year years cancer free as of February, I still post on the boards, but I have not taken the survey as of yet.   I have appts scheduled for my CA 125 blood test and bun and creatin test for the very end of May and the cat scan for early June (a week apart from one another).  I had my exam with my oncologist in early April and he said everything looked normal and I also had a pap smear and everything was fine - for which I am very thankful and grateful.



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Wish I qualified, too, Ro


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