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Can I get your thoughts?

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I am 33 years old (turning 34 next month).  I have PCOS (poly cycstic ovarian syndrome) and have always battled with irregular periods, heavy bleeding, and bad cramps.  I have two beautiful children (twins) who are 4 years old. 

I am so used to irregular periods and heavy bleeding that I don't go to the GYN as soon as it is happening and wait it out because my previous GYN always told me my body needed to flush it out.  About 1.5 years ago, I was bleeding so bad that I had to get iron transfusions through IV.  I had just moved and decided to find a new GYN since my prior one still didn't change his outlook.  I started with the heavy bleeding again, even thought I had not missed a period in a year.  it was going on and off for 3 - 4 months so I saw my new GYN and hematologist.  My Hematologist started me on iron transfusions again because my iron was so low and insisted that my GYN was a little more aggressive then my previous GYN.  The GYN prescribed extra birth control pills to stop the bleeding and I had a pelvic and vaginal ultrasound done a week after the bleeding stopped.  My results came back saying my lining is really thick at 2.6cm (I am not sure what the normal lining should be) and that they suspected there are polyps or fibroids.  I am going on Thursday bor a D&C with a hysteroscopy and a biopsy.

My GYN said she is very confident it isn't endometrial cancer because of my age but I keep googling the internet and finding a lot of women who have been diagnosed around my age.  Plus I have the added risk factors of having PCOS with the irregular periods and heavy bleeding and am overweight (not obese but close enough).

I am trying to stay positive but am nervous.  I don't have people I can talk to because they don't get it.  I was hoping to hear some opinions from people that have been there.  I appreciate your frankness.  Thank you!

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Also, if you have experience with getting a D&C with a hysteroscopy and bio[sy, I'd love to hear what it was like.  How soon after it's done will I be back to normal activities.

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But know that you have come to a good place to get information.  I have had some experience with D&C's as I have had two in my life time.  First let me say that I went through menapause early when 36, 1992, by the time I was 38 I was then considered post menapuasal. Had no more periods.  Then when I was 48 in 2004, I started having periods again.  Went to several drs for testing and was found to have some polyps.  I had a D&C, polyps removed, everything was OK and no more periods.  In 2011, I started heavy bleeding and having bad pain.  I went to my gyn dr immediately and she said she would do another D&C.  All paps had come back clearn through the years, so there was no thought that it was anything other than polyps again, so no other testing was done before the D&C.  The D&C took place with the hystoscope.  Afterwards the gyn dr said that it looked bad in there from what she could see through the scope.  That was the first sign I had that it could be something else.  1 April 2011 I received a call that the pathology report on the D&C was in and that there were cancer cells in the uterus.  I cried but then pulled on my big girl panties and said let's deal with it.  So long story short, complete open hystorectomy, removed uterus, cervic, tubes, ovariers, omentum and some lymph nodes.  I had 1 tumor in the uterus stage 1A but because they found 2 microscopic cancer cells in 1 lymp node it was stage 3c1 and the grade is 3 because it is carcinoma sarcoma.  I had 6 round of carbo/taxol chemo treatments and the drs said no radiation because they removed it all, so what would they radiate. 

Do not get all worked up until you know something for sure.  There is a good chance, that it is not cancer. One thing to remember, every person is different, so are the treatments, so is the cancer, if it is that. 

The D&C is really easy since they do put you to sleep.  You have to have someone go with you because you cannot drive yourself home.  My daughter went with me but my next door neighbor drove us and picked us up afterwood.  You stay in the recovery for about 2-3 horus then they release you.  I had mine done on a Friday, I went straight home and went to bed.  Was sore the next day but did get up and walked around.  Was back at work on Monday.  There is some bleeding, buy some pads, because you cannot use tampons.  You can shower but wait until the next day.

Good luck with everything.  Will be praying for a positive outcome. trish


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I don't want to panic you, but then again, I guess I do.  PATIENTS WITH PCOS SHOULD NEVER BE PUT ON BIRTH CONTROL PILLS.  This puts them at high risk for blood clots that can go to the lung or the brain.  Find yourself a naturopath, who can identify what is causing the PCOS. My naturopath had a patient with PCOS, who followed the advice of her gynecologist, after she moved away from home, and started taking birth control pills.  She died of a blood clot in the brain a couple of months later.  This is serious stuff and yet gyencologists continue to treat PCOS with birth control pills. 

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I had a short stint of on/off spot bleeding before I finally go to my GYN.  He didn't know exactly what was going on, so had me do a vaginal ultrasound.  This showed thickening of the uterine wall...and have no clue how thick.  Next was off for a D&C to scrap the thickening which found 2 small fibroid tumors.  He didn't say it was cancer, but gave my husband the impression it could very well be "serious".  We waited approx 2 weeks for the pathology which did show uterine MMMT cancer.

I did have a hysteroscopy in the GYN office a year later, due to abnormal PAP which came out fine in the end.  Very easy procedure as well.

I would love to give you lots of hopeful tones, but as we all know on this site, cancer has its own path.  No matter what our docs tell us, the determining factor is the black and white on the pathology report.  Your age is on your side and if you're healthy it's very helpful as well. 

Try to be positive and realize most all of this is out of our hands.  Plse come back when you have the results as we all do care,

Hugs and best to you!


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I totally understand how nervous it could be while waiting for the result. 

I am 35 years old and I also have PCOS.  Two years ago I had a biopsy done first and the result was complex hyperplasia without atypia. My GYN insisted to perform another D&C on me due to my family medical history (my sister had endometrial cancer at very young age) and the result of D&C also confirmed I had complex hyperplasia without atypia.  Currently I am not on anything but I always go back to GYN and ask for progesterone to get a "flush out" every 3 ~ 4 months.


Take care and good luck on your procedure..and most improtantly..always stay POSTIVE :)


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