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new here...and need advise

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Hi All...My BF husband dx in 11/2012 with stage IV melanomaa. It was in the lungs,arm,knee,shin and foot. he had surgery to remove 3 tumors on the arm and surgery to remove the sausage size tumor on the foot. He tried the IL-2 @ Roswell (in Buffalo NY) and was only able to receive 4 doses due to heart issues and a fatty liver. Next therapy was yervoy, when they saw growth in lung mets he started Temodor. Last PET showed a large adrenal tumor and more growth in lung mets. This is the only 2 places (known areas anyways) of cancer at this time. The adrenal tumor is really causing a lot of problems for him. He has extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting...is now diabetic and strangely has been taken off of his blood pressure meds of 15 yrs. He is not eating much at ALL, its hard to get him to even drink water most days. He was offered a clinical in Pittsburgh however chose (because of distance-6 hrs) and his declining state to stay at home and try the carboplatin, taxol combo which, the Drs have told him is a last ditch effort. I have been very close to the family for many yrs and am just at a loss of what I can do to help make things any better. He is just slipping away before our eyes and does not seem to want to do ANY thing to help himself.....no exercise, not eating and not drinking. He turns 60 this thursday, 2 beautiful grown daughters and a lovely wife. Any advice or just thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

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Please tell him to never lose hope. Keep fighting. He's in our prayers. 



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