Unclogging J feeding tube

GlynNDav Member Posts: 3

Has anyone used anything besides warm water or Diet Coke to unclog a J tube? My husband's gets clogged every three or four days despite flushing every three to four hours around the clock. We are on the fifth tube in less than a month, and we are just worn out. The cancer is bad enough without the impossible tube situation. 

We use Osmolite 2.1 in a 24-hr infusion pump.


  • ssantiago077
    ssantiago077 Member Posts: 3
    I'm sorry to head that your husband has to deal with a clogged jtube on top of everything else. I had a jtube for about a year. I know its gonna sound gross, and it was, but I believed it helped.... what I did was open the tube and letting it drain on to a towel. Not only liquid came out, the were chunks of the formula that would come out as well. I hope this helps.