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I'm Back Cea level.

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Well it's been about a year since I posted last. I have been doing real good. But today I went in for my checkup and my CEA level went up from a 3 to a 13. My PET Scan from last week was all clear. And my CAT scan from March were clear. So he is sending me for a MRI of my liver next week. He said last year when they did my liver resection they did not take enough, they left some cancer cells behind , they hoped that Chemo would kill them but he feels that there might be a tumor there now. So Here we go again. I feel like I'm swimming up stream with a strong current and I just keep getting pushed back. I just keep waiting for the day I can say I clean for at least a year. Just don't want my family to have to go through this again.........


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Its everyones nightmare, to go in and be told that everything isn't good.

After my resection, my CEA was fine, by the next month it had gone up to 13.  My Oncologist was not overly concerned as I was heading into chemo.  

I pray that all will be well with your liver MRI.

We are here for you, with support and love. 

Keep us updated. 


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Thank you for the update but I'm sorry it wasn't better news.  Guess I'd be very frustrated if they didn't get "clear margins" and they assumed that the chemo would pick up the remaining cells that they knew they left behind.  Hoping that the rise is due to another reason. 


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For a PET scan to not pick up something, it would have to be very small indeed.  Do you know your pre-surgery CEA?  13 is high to me but might be not that high if your pre-surgery CEA was 200....... 

Do they know for SURE they didn't get clear margins last year?  

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I don't know what my pre-surgery cea level was.. But 13 is high for me. Mine usually run low, Yes the surgion told my doctor that he did not get it all, ( there was still cancer cells there.


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Ugh...I am sorry you are back on the roller coaster of cancer again

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