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Is it just me, or does it seem like no one completely understands what I am going through?

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I am 34, a single mom, and going through my second battle with cancer. I have stage 4 endometriual cancer that has metastisized to my bones and lymph nodes. I have very supportive family and friends but sometimes I feel like screaming. My friends made a website and are devoted to helping me knock off things on my bucket list, my brother is the business minded one of the bunch and he is planning my funeral, checking on life insurance policies, etc. my parents are just sad and scared to talk to me... 

I am very greatful for all the people in my life but I feel like I am fighting alone. I feel like everyone is preparing for my death and not supporting me in my fight to live. I know how hard this is on my friends and family, and I dont mean to sound selfish.. but sometimes I just feel so alone. 

Am I alone in this feeling?



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Hi there I wanted to reach out to you, your post makes me very sad..I understand how your feeling with my Mother being sick with Stage 4 cancer as well but we are far from planning anything that is related to her passing..are you going for any kind of treatment or have you before? the fight always gets soo emotional so it is 100% ok to feel like screaming maybe try it it could relieve a little stress but no one can understand entirely what you have been through, I would suggest try to doing more uplifting things that can inspire and show more of their love and support for you instead of negative things like planning a funeral in a way that is asking for emotional stress and depression Frown life is so precious so cherishing and focusing on the things that will make you happy will be better for you

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You need to speak up and scream if you need to.  Tell them you are fighting and haven't given up.  Explain to your brother, that while you appreciate his help, to be planning your funeral is outrageous.  Tell him that when the time, if it does, comes you will ask for his help.

Talk with your parents.  They are scared for you and worried. 

My husband is terminal but we haven't even discussed his funeral.  He is doing fair and to discuss this would only make him very upset and go downhill fast, I think.   Our oncologist wants us to call hospice in, but my husband has said no because if we do, he would just give up.  I know what he wants.  Even today we had a fight over something stupid but this is everyday life and just because you have cancer, or a bad heart, etc., doesn't mean you have stopped living everyday life.

Maybe your doctor's office has someone you can speak with.  I know our oncologist's group does. 


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