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PSA Test help

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My husband underwent a Prostatectomy 3 months ago. We are from the UK, but we had travel plans to come to Florida before diagnosis, so decided to go ahead with our plans following the surgery anyway. Our surgeon in the UK requested that we get a 'Super Sensitive PSA Test' at the 3 month mark, which is around now and email him the results. I have called two clinics to inquire about having the tests done, but neither understood what I was requesting and said they had never heard of a "Super Sensitive PSA Test". They only offer PSA Tests.

Can anyone tell me if you call it something different here in the USA? Perhaps the terminology is different? The surgeon specifically said to make sure it was a "Super Sensitive" not a regular PSA test.

Any assistance in terminology would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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The test you refer to is offered most everywhere in the United States.  It refers to the sensitivity of the PSA test in measuring the PSA in the bloodsteam and is usually characterized by a specificity up to three decimal points.

When you call to make inquiries, you should refer to the ultra-sensitive PSA test which is the "third generation" of PSA testing.

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I did actually say ultra-sensitive and super-sensitive, but they didn't understand what I meant. I will mention it alongside 'third generation' and hopefully that will work.

Thanks very much.

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Sorry...as you found out many here in the USA do not speak English....additionally in Fl. you have to speak up because of hearing problems.

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How about getting the test in Florida.  I don't know the cash price for such a test but it may be easier than under National Health.

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