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Swallow Study Tomorrow

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Hey Everyone,


On such a sad morning since I just found out about Wolfen, I feel bad asking for prayers and pocket tucks.

I have my another Swallow Study for 8am tomorrow and a therapy session right afterwards to develop a plan to begin eating at home both by mouth and tube depending on how study goes and how I tolerate it at home.


I dont think they will just set me free, I'll probably be told what to eat day by day.  Even though I have been eating foods at therapy, I am a little afraid to do it alone at home.  We buildt a stratgy as to bite, chew, swallow, cough, water, cough and AH to make sure it is in the same tube, a little annoying but not eating or drinking way more annoying.


If you could find a little extra prayer time for me while praying for Karen and Vivian and Ladylacy who is facing the same outcome soon, I would appreciate it.


You are all my friends and I care for you all deeply

Go with God friends,











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Prayers to you Rachel:)  You are strong and amazing!  I am so hoping all goes well for you tomorrow:)  Big prayers and hugs to you!


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rachel, tucking u n my pocket and saying a prayer as well  Laughing

God bless,


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the swallow I was taught, was called Super Supra-Glottie Swallow

Hold your breath tightly ( bear down), swallow hard,cough,swallow again ( your saliva)

I was first taught to tuck my chin down to my chest while doing this swallow, but I was asperating. Taking a barium swallow test proved if I didn't tuck my chin, I swallowed perfectly.

I really thought I was never going to be able to swallow anything but liquid and soft foods, about 11 months out, I took a small bite of pork roast and since then it's been on..can swallow anything, still have a little trouble with lettuce, but, I can deal with that.

Best of luck , ask them about the chin tucking



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Thoughts and prayers that your Swallow Study comes out perfect ! You are so strong and have such a positive attitude I feel like you are going to do great. When you try eating at home the first time or two can you make sure someone is there with you ? I too fill so sad for Wolfen . I haven't read her post yet today because after I read it the other day I had so many tears I couldn't see to type anymore , so today I will read it last . Keep us posted .

Love ya


P.S. I am wondering about NJShore ? Has annyone heard anything about how she is ?

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You are in my prayers and tucked in my pocket!  *hugs*

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is there limited room in pockets?? Laughing  Sending you positive thoughts and prayers....and tucking you in!!  I've thought from the beginning, that you are going to show them that you will be eating on your own again...and the PEG will be the accessory, not the main course.


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Prayers to you for a good swallowing study, and just like Phrannie, my pocket is like Hermoine's magic bag, room for lots of fellow warriors who need a secure spot to store their concerns



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Rachel................you better do good tomorrow. I am counting on you to enter the hot dog eating contest on the 4th of July down in Philly.

I have your back and yes your in my pocket just hold your ears in the morning I have a meeting and you might hear some bad words.

Take care..................you will do fine because you have the determination.

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Ingrid K
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Praying for a great outcome for you tomorrow !!!!!

p.s.  We never run out of prayers, even when we have a rough day with bad news like we had this morning from Karen.

We need to fight on and survive this beast so others' journeys were not in vain.


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I'm tucking you in also !  You are such a great inspiration to many of us following your posts !  You have all of us encouraging you, and will be waiting to hear a good report from you tomorrow !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Prayers Outbound for you.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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I've learned God answers prayer three ways. "No", "No not yet" and "Yes, and here's a whole lot more you didn't ask for".  Anything above and beyond where you started is a positive and leaves room for future blessings. I believe you've already gotten His answer and I'd say it's a positive one.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers for further blessings.


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Each night I pray for your swallowig, SSI issues and to continue in good health...just like requested...so  in there and eat them out of house and home :)



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rachel, wondering how the swallow test went.  i hope it went as well as expected.  let us know.


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Me too Rachel, wondering how the test went, sure hope all went well:)


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My favorite people,

together we embarked to climb a mountain and for five months you all prayed and tucked me away in pockets and hearts, well WE MADE IT!

my study was a smidgen better then the one six weeks ago and milestones better than the one in Dec.

Without my trust and love good the Lord I would not be alive for the last 12.5 yrs and now beating odds and able to start eating and drinking at home again.  As my friend Pat said and so many more of you have echo'd it's still a great effort.  I take a bite or swig of water swallow cough swallow and repeat 5 times, if I tried to eat a whole meal I think I'd lose my voice.  But you know I didn't pray and ask God to let me me be normal again, I just humbley asked for something to drink for my dry throat and to eat something everyday and He blessed me with exactly that, Praise God!  It's up to me to keep trusting Him and keep doing the exercises LIKE ALL OF YOU BETTER BE! And who knows how much more improvement He may have for me.

Again thank you to each and everyone of you, if I didn't feel your hands ony back pushing me up the mountain I don't know if I'd still be stuck somewhere on that first ledge, Praise The Lord for each and everyone of you in my life and for a couple of our friends that God took home RIP and take comfort in the Hands of the Lord and to the survivors of those fallen HEROS may you find comfort on knowing your loved ones are with Jesus.


love to you all,




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I was so happy to see some good news when I got on here this morning !!! You ARE going to get there !! I had been wondering for two days how your test came out. I hope you saw my other post on PEG Tube Pain that P had posted. It was an old post .

Love ya,Laughing


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baby steps...that's exactly what it takes...keep the good news coming!

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