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corse cough

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I had the right lung removed in February. Stage 3 b, everything is looking good now.  I have this really barky type of cough t is pretty  frequent most days. Anyone know if this comes with the territory of one lung and what can I do for it. Trying to build my breathing up on the tredmill 40 min a day. I really don't know what a good oxygen level is for one lung. Mine stays 92-95 per cent. Thanks for the help. EmmyEmmy



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I had my right lung removed Jan 28 this year. Stage 2b. I had a fairly constant caugh for the first couple of months. Not real hard caugh but every day. It has gotten much better now.  Taking chemo now and not sure if caugh from chemo but it is much less often now.  I couldn't last 10 mln on tread mill right wow.  Before statring chemo i was walking for 1 hour  and O2 pretty constant 94  97. Any in my case breathing getting better and caugh going away.

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