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4th stage lymphoma cancer can be defeated

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tall floridian
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This week I visited my oncologist after taking several blood samples and was thrilled to see the results - all levels back to the normal range-it's been a year in remission-only having to have my port flushed every two months and oncologist visit every three months with blood tests. I want to encouage everyone to stay positive,exercize,and eat healthy meals and follow your doctor's advice and you too will see awesome results. I think back almost two years ago-lying in a hospital bed-so sick and thinking that my life on this earth was finished and that I'd not see my beautiful grandaughter grow up. But here i am - driving again, shopping alone, taking long walks, pushing my grandaughter on the swing, catching her on the slide and with a new lease on life. My faith in God and in my doctors has seen me through and it will you also. I hope this post will encourage many and give hope to each and every one in this forum. God bless each of you. Hugs,Steve

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  Been in remission for 2 1/2 years from stage 4 grade 1A Follicular. Still have my port and now on a 1 year scan schedule. Do not recall your classification. Did not see anything in your About me page.  John

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Thanks for reminding and encouraging us.  Hope is alive here and we have lots to be thankful for.

Hugs- Jim

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Hi Steve,

Wow!  Your granddaughter is beautiful!  Thanks for your note of encouragement; it was timely for me. My dad is Stage IV DLBCL and had his first chemo Apr. 22, so he is ending Week 2 of his first cycle; he'll get 6. He is 83, but did not hesitate for a moment to move forward. He has been neutropenic this week, the blood test taken last Monday showed his WBC at 0.2....yikes...today he finally felt like he had about 15% more energy so hopefully it's on the rise, and hopefully the R-CHOP will continue to do its R-CHOPping.

My girls and I only live a few minutes away and Dad is taking his temp at least twice daily, and we've been ready to blast off immediately if he begins to run a fever; but (knock on wood), so far so good. He has been as careful as he can be--at his age we know that the risk is great. The nausea is at bay, thank goodness, and the other thing I have to say is...thank goodness for Mother Nature and prune juice because the Miralax wasn't working. He's had non-painful mouth sores which was worrisome because of his neutropenia, but they seem to be resolving too. So other than fatigue, he's doing pretty well.

I should mention that he was diagnosed accidentally--he ate some bad meat that landed him in the ER 2 months ago with bad tummy distress.  They did a PET scan on him to make sure there wasn't any additional cause to his stomach trouble; there wasn't, but they did see something on his bone which cause the ER doc to refer him back to his regular doctor (and then an oncologist) for follow up. He'd had no other symptoms...but the lymphoma was on his bone in two spots and in his marrow.   The few days before chemo started he began to feel a little "puny" (his words) and dropped 6 pounds that last week before chemo.  If not for that trip to ER, we would just now be beginning to think something was wrong, instead of having a diagnosis and his first chemo behind him.  He's getting excellent care at UCSD. Our faith is strong and we are hopeful.

My dad is a great man and I wish he didn't have this fight ahead of him but--on we go. Thanks again for your words of encouragement, they meant a great deal. I can't wait until my dad is on the other side of the cancer journey too.

Thanks again and I hope you're having a great weekend!


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tall floridian
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Thanks for your reply - your dad seems to be a great guy. Take each day one day at a time- listen and follow your doctor's instructions and remain positive-that's the best advice I can give-you'll experience ups and downs along the way but that's normal-have faith in God and in the doctors and roll with the punches as they say. God bless your dad and yourself. Hugs Steve

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   [[  I should mention that he was diagnosed accidentally ]]

I just have to mention that I was diagnosed "accidentally" too!  I got a routine CT scan to be sure a spot on my lung didn't change and they found something else.  I had no symptoms at all either.  I tell everyone now, even if you think is it unimportant, Tell Your Doctor!

Thanks for giving me hope. I also had (hope it is gone for good) lymphoma and just got a clear CT at my 6 month checkup. I unfortunately have some abnormal numbers on my LFT test but the numbers went down 10-20% in a weeks time so the oncologist isn't concerned and will see me in 3 months for a checkup and retest.

I do notice  improvement but I still need to put on weight and increase my stamina. I get tired more often too. Hair is still about 1 inch and if the punk look was in, I'd be in style. Wink I have a residual effect as I fell at home around treatment 4 and wrenched both thumbs. Hand specialist said I "woke up" the arthritis in them  Surprised  so they are starting to bother me and my job is at a computer all day too. But hey, I am about 85% back and improving though slowly.



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tall floridian
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Folks thanks for your reply - note: At one point my weight got down to 197 at the medical rehab-now in remission I'm up to 245 but I'm 6'4 so it's spread out-lol - I'm hungry all the time and my doctor says it's because my body's saying you're all better and all levels have returned to normal ranges. I hope your thumbs heal and that the lymphoma is completely gone and that you'll be 100% in no time. God bless - Steve

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Six months out from my second chemo for Stage IV.  Am in a parital remission and happy to be there!  Feeling better every day- walk daily, doing yoga.  Busy with family and friends and just enjoying each day.

Yesterday walked  a 5k with my team of 17 people to raise $1700 for Lymphoma Research at our local Lymphomation - for the Lymphoma Research Foundation!  The entire event here in NJ has a goal of $130,000.  I'm confident we will reach that total - all research $$ looking for the CURE!

The arthritis in your hands interested me because I suddenly have it too!  It can be very severe and at times causes my hands to lock up!  I think that the chemotherapy, while doing it's magic may have messed with us.  Is that your theory on this too?  I'm seeing a rheumatologist later this month.  (Oh joy, ANOTHER specialist!  :))

So although there are some residual issues - I'm just looking forward! 


All the best to all.


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Hiiii Steve,

Your granddaughter is vry pretty.. Thanks for your post. It has given me a lot of courage and hope. 

My mom aged 57 yrs. is too diagnosed with 4 stage Marginal Zone Lymphoma.

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tall floridian
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I'm glad I can bring hope to those with lymphoma-to never give up or give in but fight it with prayer and positive thoughts and actions. Hugs, Steve

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