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We Moved.

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Glad to be done
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We are moved and setteling in...  After a very emotional night last Friday we are here safe and sound.  A bunch of our friends and neighbors came to help us pack the truck.n  All was fine and dandy untill we had to start saying our good byes.  The boys grew up with my best friend's girls.  When they moved into our neighborhood the kids our kids were 2, 3, 4, and 5.  They were very tight the 4 of them and it was not easy to watch them say goodbye.  They all had a very hard time which in turn made their mom and I very emotional.  It was tough for me to say goodbye to the ladies in my neighborhood.  They were not just neighbors but very good friends.  We  made it a point over the last two years to all get together once a month a go to dinner.  Just the ladies ~ no husbands.....  We were all very close and it was 2011/2012 that solidified the bond we had.  One of us almost lost a son to a horriable car accident in September.  Then there was another with her colon cancer scare in November.  Thankfully they got it all and she did not need chemo.  Her husband also had triple quadrupal by-pass surgery in January the day I came home after surgery.  Then there was my diagnosis of ovarian cancer rocking the neighborhood.  Everyone pulled together even tighter and together we got through all of the scares.  After alot of tears, hugs, promises to keep in touch, we found ourselves.... just the 4 of us... sleeping on our mattresses in our living room.  We made a deal that the first one awake would wake the others and we would be up and out.  And that we did.  I woke at 4:20 and could not get back to sleep so I woke hubby before getting in the shower.  We missed are target of being out by 6 AM by 10 minutes only because it took me a while to say good bye to the home we raised our boys in.  With a stop to fill up my car and the truck with gas, grab some coffee and breakfast sandwiches at dunkin doughnts we were on our way at 6:45.  I told all of my friends that I refused to say good bye because it sounded so final.  I instead said "See you later"  And I will. 

We arrived at our new home at 2:15 pm and started unpacking the truck to the point that we could get our beds, and the light stuff.  We had friends coming on Sunday to help with the rest.  We took showers and changed and headed to the beach for dinner.  WOW is all I can say.  We sat on the deck of a restaurant and stared at the ocean while we ate dinner.  It got a little chilly but the overhead heaters helped and we didnt care...We were at the beach.

Tuesday brought school registration at 9 AM.  Everyone was great and the boys loved the school.  Wednesday was Nathan's birthday and he wanted to go to the beach.  So after lunch we went down and the boys played in the arcade and then we took a walk on the boardwalk and had ice cream.  We went out to dinner for his birthday.  Thursday the boys started school and they aboslutely love it.  Everyone was so nice and they said that nobody treated them like the new kid.  They acted like they have known them since kindergarten. 

This morning Aaron and Nathan (avid fisherman) got up at 6 AM to go fishing down on the ocean shore.   Nathan got an ocean fishing pole for his birthday and he has been so excited for this morning to finally try it out.

The 19th of April I had my 3 month check up and final check up with my oncologist who saved my life.  My Chen A 125 was stable at 13 as it has been (except for last ck up when it was 19 due to stomach bug.  She made me promise not to FREAK OUT when I get my next 3 month ck up and the CA is up.  She said to expect it because I will be going to a new lab for the first time.  She said it may even go down but made me pinky swear I would remain calm if it came back higher.  So friends....  Remember this and remind when I freak out in 3 months.  lol.  At the appointment she told me I have graduated into the next level of follow up.  Now I begin alternating between a gyno and onc every 3 months...  Yay.  If I told you all this already I apoligize.  Life has been a whirlwind lately.

This week I begin the search for a new gyno, who will in turn refer me to an oncologist, family practicioner for all of us, dentist, and eye doctor.  Did I cover them all.  It shouldn't be hard to find an oncologist. Who knew I was moving to the mecca of cancer doctors.  Boston is the biggest area for cancer hospitals and schools.  My neighbors doctor works and Boston Memorial in the Dana Farber breast cancer hospital so she has hand picked my breast specialist.  Thank you Melissa.  Most importantly I need to find a job.  I went crazy the past two days being in this house all alone....

That is all for now.  Thank you if you read this far.  I am trying to catch up on here....



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Hearty Pioneer
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Wow Eileen! How great is it to be alive? Moving, the ocean, new school, NED!! Life is great! Sorry about leaving yur neighborhood, that had to be hard. But, you sound like the person that can make new friends easily. 

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on the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life.  It sounds terrific.  I am so happy for you.  Cancer can take so much from us but you have taken control and laughed in its face.  It is amazing how easily you have all adjusted.  I wish you and your family the very best. 



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kimberly sue 63
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good luck with your new adventure!!! Kim

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I so admire the fact that you and your family have eagerly taken on life-changing new challenges and adventures and are following your dreams.  Please keep us posted!


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Congratulations on the new beginning. Everything will settle down soon and your family will be very happy in your new home.

I marked July 18th on my Outlook Calendar to remind you that CA125 is just a number and not to freak out no matter what.

I will be in Boston and Cape Cod around Labor Day for the class reunion; maybe we can grab a coffee and compare battle scars Smile

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Enjoy your new home...you will have enough to keep you busy for awhile. I am sure you will make a lot of new friends.There is good healthcare where you live..shouldn't have a problem. Best of luck..stay strong..val


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Glad to be done
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Alexandria I would love that.  I am about an hour from Boston...  It would be great to meet you.   I already know so much about you it will be like catching up with an old friend.  LMAO.  Hell I probably know more about your life the last year than some of your old friends.   As it gets closer we will definetly have to plan something.

This summer I am going to be getting together for lunch and shopping with Pam.  That will be fun.

Thank you all for your well wishes...  We have always had this move in our plans.  It just wasn't going to happen till the boys were out of school and in college.  After last year we took on the why wait approach... 




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Pamela B
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I commend you on your strength and spirit of adventure.  Change is hard and God knows we have all had enough change with this disease.  Your new life sounds wonderful and I know you will thrive in this new location.  Stay strong and carry on!

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Congrats on your new home and your good check up. I have not been on in a while. I have been back to work now for 5 weeks and get tired by evening. Hopfully once things settle down for you we can meet. 

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