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Update on Jason....

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Haven't been on here in a few days, I have family coming in from California & have been trying to get my house half way presentable. lol As for Jason, he is doing exceptionally well. He had his 4th chemo treatment Wednesday before last with Avastin added for the first time. The only side effects so far are the pins & needles sensations in his hands when he holds something cold, but he is still able to drink cold stuff without any problems. I was just answering a private message on here & was saying that for him to be doing SO WELL now is a testament to just how sick he was before. His color finally looks normal again, his appetite is good, his weight is holding steady (not losing any more), & other than the fatigue a couple of days after the chemo (& the pins & needles sensation in his hands) he seems  like his old self again. Of course we all know that's not true, but I do believe that something is helping, so we'll know for sure on June 4, which is when his CT Scan is scheduled. Thank you all so much for caring, it means so much to both of us. I always let Jason know he has a huge cheering section! Take care & God Bless, (((HUGS))) Kris

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Great news and I hope he continues to do well. I would not expect much change in the side effects he has been having except the tingling may get worse and he may get the cold sensitivity in his mouth at some point. All the best. 


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That is wonderful - he seems well on his way to  stabilizing and learning how to cope with his new energy levels and treatment cycle (observation from a 12 hit veteran of FOLFOX/kick-your-***-aplatin). There are all kinds of ways to adapt - the diagnosis sucks, but you can cope and get on with your life, as he seems to have accepted.  From your earlier posts, he was freaked out by the whole diagnosis and was not himself, right? - and you were carrying the weight of everything on your shoulders. Good to hear that three months later his confidence and desire to be present have returned.  Once he starts reading about cancer and treatments on the internet you can step back and smile.  He might join such a board like this one and run with the "big dogs" - you know who you are Wink


from the cheering section


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I would push for an MRI instead of CT. Oncologists don't like to use them, but mostly due to policy as mri is more expensive and takes longer. However,  MRI=no radiation where as just One CT is equivalent to about 600 xray scans. Would you go for 600 chest xrays if you had a choice? Also if folfox is working for you, you should already see a change. I would push to get an mri done quicker and if there is no shrinkage consider switching chemo regimens. If you had not had a PET scan yet, consider getting one as well as in my case it identified tumours tHat neither CT or MRI picked up.

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If jason is feeling up to it, get him to a gym 5x a week and start some resistance training. Does wonders for the immune system. The best thing he can do is get as fit and healthy as possible.

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