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Update and question

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Had my 6 month scan and bloodwork, all came back good - almost 2 years out from original diagnosis/surgery :).  Yeah!


But the CT scan said I have "bibasilar atelectasis" in the lung bases.  Onc didn't mention these, I only found out cause I get copies of all my reports.  I did some "internet" searches on it and it sounds like something that should be treated but I don't have any symptoms (other than maybe a irritating, occasional cough I attributed to sinus/allergies).  Has anyone heard of this or been treated for it.  Internet says it is common with asthma (I don't have this) and after having general anesthesia (my last surgery was over a year ago).  Just curious if anyone else has knowledge/experience with this?  Thanks, Ruffy

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Excellent news!   No idea on the question, but hopefully someone else will know.  Congrats!

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Basically what it means is that a part of your lung has collapsed. The base in your case.  If like me you had some liver swellings, the pressure appled to the base of the lung can cause it. The other likely cause is simply the way you breathe. If you take shallow breaths and only use the top part of your lungs, this can also be a cause.  Best thing to do, pay attention to how you breathe and try to breathe more deepply. qigong breathing excercises can also be very good. Some regular cardio excercises can help too.

Since no one seems concerned, it will be a partial collapse. The condition can be serious if the colapse is greater in volume. Can also happen after surgery, but pay attention to how you breathe to get a hint. Main side effect is you get less oxygen. Can lead to shortness if breath or a cough.

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