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Velocity and Doubling time

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Once I have been diagnosed with PC, does the Velocity and Doubling time hae any predictive value regarding the cancer growth or just the PSA itself?

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PSA veocity and doubling time are valuable tools in gaugig the seriousness of your cancer and how fast it might be growing.  By itself, PSA is just a number.  A single data point.  PSA readings are also notoriously inaccurate in actually judging what is going on if you only look at a single reading.

When you calculate and plot doublig time and velocity you are looking at trends, not individual data points.  The trend is much more important because it basically takes into account the fluctuations that are possible at individual PSA readings.

Some men get very emotional about their PSA scores and I fear they too often make emotional decisions on their treatment as a result.  (sometimes encouraged by physicans who want to do surgery)  Keep in mid that many, many things can infuence an individual PSA reading.  Common causes of a PSA reading higher than normal include having sex within 48 hours of the blood draw, have a BPH condition which is squeezing more PSA into the bloodstream than normal.  Other causes of elevated PSA readings can be exercise that puts pressure on the prostate (like bicycle riding), a UTI, prostatitis, and even a hard stool.  PSA readings have also been shown to vary by the time of day and sometimes they just randomly change.  This is why there has been a push to eliminate the PSA test for men who do not have prostate cancer.  Too many men were allowing themselves to be subjected to biopsies and other traumatic treatments like susrgery and radiation as a result of over treatment from PSA test.

Using PSADT and velocity analysis, a skilled doctor can better assess a patient's situation.  Hope this helps.  K

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Kongo gave excellent advise. To add, the results of the biopsy is the critical information that you need to focus on, not the psa test. In your case of one core out of 12with low involvement you are most likely an excellent candidate for Active Surveillance since your cancer is most likely indolent , not likely to spread..........I suggest that you have a doctor that specializes in AS manage your case.

In addition, an other diagnostic test to confirm the results of your biopsy is an MRI with a high power 3.0 Tesla magnet which with fine resolution will give indication of suspicious lesions within the prostate and possible extracapsular extension.

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