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Recovery from Surgery

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Hello all, I have been a lurker for some time now and its great to see everyone being so helpful and supportive in the sitituations we are all facing.  My dad had MIE back on March 21, 2013.  Three weeks after his surgery, he had an endocopy and he was given the okay to drink water (he is on a j-tube) and did pretty okay.  However the following week, he was having more trouble and get not get water down.  After another endoscopy, the doctor said that there was a lot of scar tissue build up and that was preventing from getting anything down.  Therefore she had to resort to placing a stent.  I was very suprised because things changed so much from week.  I am not sure why she did not try to dilate first.  She has told him that the stent will be there for 2-4 weeks.  I am thinking she wants the stent to help with dilating?

My dad is in horrible pain now and feels so discouraged, he feels like he is taking a step backwards in his recovery.  Please help, has anyone else had to deal with this after their esophegectomy?  Please tell me your experiences in recovery after your surgery.  Have you heard of scar tissue causing this much of a back up?

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In the number of years I have been on this forum I have heard of numerous cases of scar tissue causing issues with swallowing. A ridge of scar tissue frequently forms around the anastomosis from surgery, but this is typically dealt with by successive dilations. It is not “typical” to hear of a stent being placed prior to successive attempts at dilation. You said your Dad’s doctor wanted to place a stent. Was this his surgeon or a gastroenterologist that was called in to perform the endoscopy?

I would think there may be some value in seeking a second opinion about how best to deal with your Dad’s issues. He should not have to live in pain. Is the stent a short term solution while they wait for complete healing around the anastomosis prior to doing dilation?

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