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Has Anyone Here Used Hydrocodone (APAP) In Order To Control Pain ?

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Hello all !


I was just wondering if anyone found it effective.





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this after biopsies and then used it for pain on tongue from thrush and radiation. 

Did not work well on his tongue pain and they now have Rob on Oxycodone. 

The vicodin works well for many things but just wasn't cutting it on the tongue pain for him.


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I use paracetamol with codeine in an effervecente form. It works OK for me as I had a bad reaction to other opioids. Good luck.

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For  both my radical resection and reconstructive surgery, and for post-irradiation pain.  However there are several caveats.  First, there are several strengths of hydrocodone, for me the lower 5mg dose worked well.  Second, the threshold is different for different people, so what worked for me may not work for someone else.  Everyone has a blood level where a narcotic provides effective pain relief.  Below that blood level, relieff is inadequate.  Above it, drowsiness interferes with function.



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In the past 14 years I have tried everything from accupucture to hydrocodone, I found that I get the best conrol when I eat them or just let disolve in my mouth, thats where the pain is anyway. But even after 14 years the Dr. and I am still trying differant things. I know what youre saying the pain can be real hell. Best of luck

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I used both liquid and tablet forms of both hydrocodone and oxycodone, both worked well for me....

They tried liquid morphine (roxanol), but it didn't do anything for my discomfort and actually made me nauseous...


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I used/use both liquid and tablet (10 mg).  I'm just weaning myself off of the tablet as we speak.  Stopped the liquid a long time ago.  So, remember these are habit forming and you will need to manage your withdrawal.


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Hi Dennis,

I've have/had both hydro/apap and oxy in both pill and liquid forms and both are effective for me. The most complete pain relief came from a combination of a 12 hour time released oxycontin and oxycodone liquid for breakthrough pain. Magic Mouthwash for mouth pain from sores, thrush etc. 

We react differently to certain drugs so speak openly with your doctor about your pain. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Hydrocodone/APAP has Tylenol in it. If you are being monitored for fever then I would question the prescription as the Tylenol can mask a fever. 

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My husband uses the liquid form for pain and it helps him.  But I am beginning to question if it is strong enough but he says it is.  

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Used liquid Hydrocodone twice when swallowing was compromised and pills were out. It worked like a charm for me.

Used Lidocaine and Magic Mouth Wash for all mouth, tongue and throat pain.

Use what ever works for you.


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of pain killers....liquid hydrocodone being the only thing.  I had it because of the awful mouth sores.  It wasn't very effective for the pain, but it made me loopy enough it made time pass quickly. 


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liquid oxycotin for pain, but really pain was quite miminal~~I found it helped with the awful mucus, used for about 6 months and was off. I had no trouble as far as relying on it

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What works for some, doesn't work for others.  Personally, generic hydrocodone is the only thing that works for me.  Strangely Tylenol #3, which is basically the same thing, doesn't do a thing.  I'm told that hydrocodone is the synthetic version.  Why the synthetic stuff works and the real stuff doesn't is beyond me.  Oxycodone also does nothing for me. .  When I was going through treatment back in 2004, liquid morphine did nothing.  So, as you see, it depends on your system as far as what works and what doesn't.

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Just was prescribed hydrocodone 5-500 in tablets for pain, so far so good. I found this ncbi report that compared hydro vs oxy and find the results quite interesting as so many posts mention oxy as being stronger but a clinical trial showed they both had equal efficacy for pain. Both were administered at 5mg level.s



UPATE: Along with the hydrocodone, I am using oral Lidocaine and magic mouthwash to control the pain and any mucositis. Plus a 420 brownie now and then doesn't hurt either.

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Had surgery at Mayo Phoenix and in hospital besides morphine - Roxicet was given and what I took home afterwards. It is Oxycodone/ Tylenol and worked very well. Recently had a PEG installed and as I had pain still in a few days - Dr. called in for hydrocodone /tylenol and I mistakedly thought it the same. Worked to some degreee and pain was only a 5-6 anyway. But next afternoon it flaired up and I took some left over Roxicete and it dropped pain to zero. So looked on Internet to compare   oxycodone to hydrocodone and understand that oxycodone is the more powerful but may be more addictive so only use when really needed.


Roxicet in pill form is like Percocet while Hydrocondone is about like - Vicodin -  if my reading correct - so Percocet stronger  - a higher schedule narcotic

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Worked best for me..., but I would crush it and add it into a little water to dissolve it, then drink it. No way I could swallow a tablet during the heat of battle...


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Was the first thing they gave me. I'm allergic to codeine so I couldn't have a lot of things that are in the same family. Found out during the heat of it all that I'm allergic to morphine too! Not fun to be sore, can't eat and then all of the sudden your throat swells and your tongue swells and your face is so swollen it looks as if you've been beaten! I ended up going for the big guns and used the fentanyl patches and diaudid for break thru pain. Boy was I loopy!

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I wore 2 Fenynal Patches (12mcg and 25 mcg) and in addtion took 5-7 Narco a day on top of that ...and even some advil in a 24 hour period.  I will add at the time I was better and just under 300 pounds in weight (lost 70lbs in treatment) and I had some pretty bad rad burns and the Erbitux ate up my insides really ood (per the onco).


I hope you find your happy ground!



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About 5 wks into rads was using liquid dosage every 4 hours and it worked well for me

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Thanks for all the replies !


I am 10 days out of treatment.

I am having a terrible time managing my pain and sleep.

I have talked to my Doctors and basicly in response I get  " things will get worse before they get better". I believe them but in the mean time I am having trouble holding out.

I don't want to start a whining and crying thread here as I know there are so many others going through much more hardships than me. My heart and prayers go out to you !


I will follow the posts here on the site and hope that I will find some answers to the questions I have. I have recieved a lot of great information form this site !


Take Care,



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Hi Dennis,

I'm 10 days out as well. It did get worse once I was done. I'm pretty much just hanging on for the ride. I do have the advantage of Oxycodone and Magic Mouthwash. It definitely takes the edge off. Feeding by tube at the moment and hoping to try some liquids and soft solids before the weekend is over. 

I'm surprised that your doctors aren't giving you something for the pain. Maybe ask your PCP? Regardless, hang in there! I can tell you I've seen two areas of improvement. The mucositis (I was at stage 3) is beginning to ease up. I'm sleeping a little better even though I'm doing so in a recliner and I'm finding I have longer periods of lucidity between naps. Everything I hear and read says things will begin to turn around around two weeks out. Hopefully by next weekend we'll both be singing a different tune!

Positive thoughts and prayers.


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I had both, my preference was hydrocodone. The oxy made me a bit nauseated.

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I am now four months after treatment - when I was 10 days out I was on the fentanyl patch and percocets 4 times a day. After two weeks I weened myself off the patch and after 4 weeks weened myself off the percocets. The toughest  thing for me was getting back on my daily schedule. I was use to taking naps and could not go to sleep early and wake up early at first. I asked my doctor for some ambian which I still take occasionally - when I was on the patch and the Percocet I was a walking zombie and like others say I tried everything. Breaking a Percocet in a small amount of warm water and gargling seemed to help sometimes. magic mouthwash was a blessing and I think I continued it for about two months afterwards. I know I set my expectations way to high looking back. I thought after two months everything would be back to normal - fact is after two months there is still a long way to go. 4 months out I still have issues with sleeping, fatigue, saliver, side effects etc. I guess what I am saying is take the pain meds as long as you need them. Don't rush yourself because you want to get back to normal because it will be a Long time before your back to normal. Set small attainable goals for yourself . Such as resolving to drink 4 or 5 glasses of water a day or ensure. Or to take a walk around the block.- keep up the good work and stay positive - the hardest part is over - dont worry about whining - I think we all like to whine a little. I think after all we have been through we are entitled to whine. Staying positive is hard for me but it is something I know I need to work on every day- I know being positive is a big part of our recovery. Stay strong my fellow warrior

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Was very effective for me.  I had the liquid version after my biopsy (BOT, ENT did a punch biopsy - felt like he'd reinstalled and then took out my tonsils all over again)

I had it for rads, about two weeks into rads things started to get really sore, tablets were impossible to get down so I was put on 15-20ml every 4-6 hours.  By week 4 it was not enough so I was given the fentanyl patch, 50's and they worked so well, but were a bit too strong, I was sick to my stomach and had to drop to 25's.  I stayed on those for the last two weeks of rads and then decided to start cutting pain meds back.  I was uncomfortable being 'high' all the time. 

about 4 weeks after rads I was down to 10 ml ever 5 hours and tapered it to the point that I didn't need it at night and finally switched to just a couple of tylenol every 5 hours.  I had to, I won't drive with a narcotic on board and I wanted to get back to work.

Pain meds have different effects on everyone, but don't be afraid to use them.  Pain will inhibit your battle and recovery.  I found that there were times I could actually eat if I tool the right amount of meds at the right time.

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