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Low Dose Naltrexone? Please help?

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Hello everyone, I wanted to reach out on here as I am new to this blog. Maybe some of you can help me out with some information or even some sweet messages could cheer me up..I'll give a little background on my story my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Uterine cancer, a very aggressive cancer and they did find some cells in her lymph nodes. So she has just finished 6 months of chemo treatment and Docs have seen some success in her symptoms shes had but overall her cancer has not gone away and they say they are not sure if it will so at this point it will be "treatable not curable." She has had some really nasty side effects to treatment as her levels have dropped so low to the point she has been hospitalized for at least a week at a time. As of right now, Docs want to stop doing chemo for good, there saying the alternative will be hormonal..I don't know too much about this does anyone know a little more about this type of therapy? Also, months and months ago when she was having really bad symptoms her primary recommended she try taking a look into Naltrexone which I think could come in handy..another source I don't know that much about does anyone have any further information (I have looked into the website) or experience taking this? if it has benefited you? what to expect? or any other thoughts you have on it.. I would truly appreciate it and hope to hear from someone..thank you, my name is Kimberly. 

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