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Dilated again

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Went to the surgeon again today for another dilation. He did probably 8 times. Larrys voice came back when he was finished. Dr said it is a spasm from nerve for swallowing and voice. He will get dilated again next week. At that time he will show Larry how to do it at home and said he will most likely have to do it almost everyday until it resolves. Larry has lost a little over 40 lbs now, so this should help. All in all he is doing as expected. What a journey!

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Larry will be dilating himself at home? What's that involve? I'm glad to see Larry is doing alright. How are you?

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My husband Mike had surgery to remove his entire esophagus in August 2012 and his stomach was pulled up to make the new one. We were doing pretty good until mid January in which Mike's throat is now restricting more so we go every 3-4 weeks for dilation. Things are getting better but we have been told that when only the stomach is used to make the new esophagus, it can take longer for it to stay open than if other organs were used to create the new esophagus. Basically the stomach needs to get used to its new role which is designed so differently than what it was intended to do.

I would be interested in how Larry will dialate himself at home so if you could post on that would be great as I believe it will help many people who have to go through dilation so often.

Thank you and best of luck to you both.


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