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Doxil delay due to low platelet counts: they're up and down

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HI Ladies.

My monthly doxil treatment was delayed yesterday for the 3rd consecutive week.  I have had 5 treatments, on schedule.  Last week they were up to 88.  Dr. felt confident they would be in the 90's by this week. Nope!  Down to 73.  He is certain that it is because I have had so much chemo.  6 rounds of carbo/taxol/avastin in 2011.  Three rounds of cistplatin/taxol beginning in Aug. 2012.  I changed doctors late last year, he put me on doxil.


Dr. considers my disease stable.  Only lymph node involvement as of March scans.  There have been increases in some of the nodes size, but most are very small.  He wants to see me next Wed. to come up with plan.  Of course, the chemo nurse said they could be back up to the 90 level by next week. 


My first doctor (medical oncologists as there are no gyn/onc within easy driving distance in my network).  My GYN/ONC  who performed my surger in May 2011 said I would be fine being treated by a medical oncologist.  Anyway, my first doctor continued giving me carbo/taxol with low platelets, as long as I believe 59.  I had to take some once in late 2011.  I gues they have just never fully rebounded.


Has anyone else faced this?  I find it kinda scary, but the nurse said he may do scans, and if he still considers me stable, maybe give me a break, or change drugs at a very low dosage.  She told me not to panic, because this happens all the time when one has so much chemo.


They tell me there's nothing I can do bring the platelet counts up? 








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I have only just had my second dose on Doxil on monday and have not had this problem. I hope it gets better for you and just wanted to say that I am very happy they are saying your stable. With all this bull ****, at least hearing the word stable is like music to my ears. Best of luck to you!

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It's good to hear from you!  I have not been in your situation but maybe other ladies will chime in.  I'm so sorry you're having this delay but I love the word "stable"!  Please keep us posted.



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Hello Carla. Personally I did not have the low platelets situation.

According to Livestrong foods rich in vitamin K increase platelets (steamed leafy greens, whole wheat products, liver, fish and eggs) and you have to completely avoid alcohol. http://www.livestrong.com/article/520286-what-foods-bring-up-the-platelet-count/

I also read in several sources that Papaya leaf extract (2 teaspoons on an empty stomach in the morning) raised platelets. http://ehealthforum.com/health/topic111003.html

Many Hugs!

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